48 Hours in London

London has been on my bucket list for a long time. So iconic is this city that I named my youngest daughter after it. Yes, that's right, before I ever visited the city, I named my child after it. An avid reader of historic fiction and fan of period pieces in cinema, I've admired the rich culture and history that has made London arguably one of if not the top visited city on Earth. This whirlwind trip was a bit of a surpise. I was only in the city two nights, so we made it as meaningful as … Read More

Everything You Need to Know to Visit Havana, Cuba

Cuba has been at the top of our bucket list for some time. As soon as America lifted the travel embargo we were lusting over all the travel imagery we could find. Last December I missed out on the opportunity to take an eight day cruise to Cuba and barely got over my grief (jk sort of). Luckily Delta ran an epic deal on sky mile flights at the beginning of the year (15,000 Skymiles per round trip), and David surprised me by booking us a couple round trip tickets to Havana. The fact that it was … Read More

Why I Quit Birthday Parties and Maybe You Should Too

It was the party of the year. My daughter was turning six. We had just bought a house after a three year stint renting a condo, and we invited all her friends to come enjoy our new family friendly home and back yard. The party was amazing. We secured a giant princess bounce house, tied up a colorful piñata, bought a huge Little Mermaid sheet cake, catered pizza, and packaged up fun party favors for all. Kids pop music blared through the house, snacks were staged conveniently in every corner, and … Read More