5 Reasons to Love Reunion Resort

Orlando. A Mecca for family friendly travel, full of treasured experiences for young and old. There is no doubt there are ample memories to be made when you visit Florida, but it can definitely get overwhelming determining where to start! As a travel and lifestyle expert, I've had my fair share of immersive experiences. For me though, there is something to be said of a destination that has it all. When we travel to Central Florida, we like to keep things easy and stay in a place that meets all … Read More

24 Hours in Washington D.C.

Like many Americans I had "passed through" D.C. on my way to where I was going. For some reason, I had only been through the area for business, or on a layover, but never to just explore. I'd never even had the traditional field trip most middle and high schoolers have. It's been on my bucket list for some time now, and David and I really wanted to make it during cherry blossom week. So when lighting struck and we had the chance to go at the perfect time, we jumped in with both feet for a quick … Read More

Sleep Matters | My Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep with ZzzQuil

This blog is a paid partnership between Amy West Travel and ZzzQuil™, however all opinions expressed in this blog are completely my own. I recently heard someone discussing how in their 20s they would simply jump in bed and crash, followed by a blissful 8 to 10 hours of undisturbed sleep. In their 30s, things changed. They now have to make a sleepy-time tea, light a candle, and run a fan for white noise while sleeping in complete darkness. That pretty much sums it up in my opinion. Whether it … Read More