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Whether you are a pro at packing or still in the novice stage you will enjoy these clever packing tips I shared on News 4 Jax. Crazy simple and easy to do! You’ll wish you thought of them before. 

10 Clever Packing Tips

1. Rolling Vs Folding

Yes Rolling is Better than Folding
It’s a space saver and helps prevent clothes from wrinkling

2. Contact Case

Use a contact case to store liquids like foundation and face cream
3. Shower Cap

Use a Showercap to wrap around your shoes to keep your clothes clear of any dirt on the soles of the shoes
4. Shoes = Storage

Speaking of shoes, loafers, and tennis shoes can be stuffed with socks, and odds an ins… assuming your shoes aren’t too stinky…. 
5. Pill Case 

Use a Day of the Week Pill case to pack rings and earrings
6. Sunglasses Case

Use a sunglasses case to store iPhone and computer cables
7. Saran Wrap

To prevent travel size liquids from leaking, cover with saran wrap and reseal
8. Clever Storage for Bobby Pins

Save your tic tac case and store bobby pins
9. Belt Trick

Great for men! Roll up your belt and tuck it inside your collared shirt to keep the collar stiff and save space
10. Pot Holder 

Use a pot holder to store your flat iron in so you can pack it even it it’s still hot 
For more great packing tips and “hacks” check out this Buzz Feed article where I sourced many of my tips. 

More great tips and tricks to come!

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


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