10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight on Vacation
How to Lose Weight when you travel

We’ve all been there. You save up, you take that trip you’ve been anticipating, and you eat your heart out. Sure the pleasure is undeniable, but so are those extra pounds you put on in the process. You can’t fit in those shorts or that cute bikini, and more than that… you just kinda feel crappy. It’s true that 80% of how we look and feel can be traced back to what we put in our mouth. I know I know, “How can this be Amy? Aren’t you always bragging about the amazing fattening food you eat?” Well yes, and no. I love great food. I’m a proud foodie. However, most people probably don’t realize that the majority of the time when we are at home, our meal time is very humble. I’ve been pretty honest about my childhood struggle with obesity. Over the years I’ve had to fight the urge to fall into the eating disorder trap. Instead of sinking into that pit of despair, I’ve found my own methods of living a life of balance, while also enjoying what I want. Here are some examples of how I lost weight going on great vacations to places like Jamaica, Rome, Colorado, and even a Cruise!

Let me begin by saying I’m not a nutritionist. Every body is different. Having said that, I hope you find these tips useful on your next trip. It starts by changing your perspective of food.
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1. Rule of Thirds

Limit your indulgences to one meal a day (or 1/3), the rest of the day keep it healthy focusing on good choices. Many times, starting your day with good choices will keep you on that path. Sometimes I’ll even replace one meal a day with a protein bar or smoothie which helps me know I’ve fueled my body with great nutrition for the day. 

Amy mountain biking in garden of the gods
2. Make it an Adventure

Choose an experience that will get you active and keep you more connected to your mind and body. In 2012 we journeyed to Colorado and climbed the 14,000 ft mountain Pikes Peak. To make it even more challenging (while saving money) we didn’t rent a car. Instead we rented mountain bikes to get around the little town of Colorado Springs. It was pretty freaking hard, but it was also incredibly fulfilling and to this day I think back on that experience with great pride. 

3. Split Meals

Not only does splitting meals save money, it also helps with portion control. I found it especially helpful in Italy when my friend and I split some of the richer dishes you don’t want to miss like pasta, gelato, and yummy street fare. 

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4.Take the Stairs

When most folks think of cruise ships, they think of all you can eat buffets, and ordering every dish on the menu at dinner service. However, if you change your perspective a little, you can actually lose weight on a cruise. When we cruise we avoid the elevators at all costs (which are usually pretty crowded anyways) and instead take the long way up and down the stairs. We enjoy long walks on deck at sunset, and keep our food orders realistic. Because of this we were able to shed a few pounds on our cruise back in 2007. 

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5. Don’t Worship at the Alter of Food 

I’m first to admit that I love great food. The culinary experience is one full of enjoyment for the senses. However, you can embrace great food without it consuming your life. When you travel you should enjoy the food experience, but if you are aiming to lose weight don’t make it the reason for the trip. Make taste the accessory of the trip, not the reason to travel. Find your great travel moments while experiencing new things, go bungee jumping, discover new art, but don’t put food first place on your priority list. 

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6. Earn It

I find when I purpose in my heart to “earn” that indulgence, it makes it that much more worthwhile. I savor each flavor more, and enjoy the effort I put into making room for it in my day. I know I made good choices for my body that day, and I’m more likely to keep my indulgence in line with my health goals. Having the “earn it” mindset might just give you extra motivation to hit the fitness center. Either way, getting active, even if it’s just walking helps you make better decisions when it comes to what you put in your body.

7. Walk it Off
I’ve found that when I have traveled to destinations that require a lot of walking (and in which I choose to do the walking instead of opting for public transport) I shed a few pounds in the process. Places like Savannah, NYC, Rome, and other big cities with activities spread around in walking distance are great choices, even Disney can be a great choice if you can avoid too much junk food. 

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8. Get Sporty Chic
When you are purchasing your vacay wardrobe, include some cute active wear you want to take advantage of. I find that starting my day out in fitness wear makes me more inclined to get active. 

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9. Accountability 

On your next trip grab a workout buddy to get active with or an accountability partner who will help you stay motivated. Need a friend? There are tons of apps online with great ways of getting you connected with people who have the same goals as you. Even posting your goals on instagram, facebook, or twitter can be helpful with keeping your goals a priority.

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10. Options are Everything 

Compare options when ordering off the menu. Make good choices i.e. glass of white wine vs pina colada or grilled fish vs the foie gras. You can still dine very well and enjoy your food while avoiding over indulgent meals that will likely just make you feel miserable after you dine. Choose food that will energize you and help you feel your best during your travels.

These are just a few of the little tricks I use to keep my goals in line.

What are your favorite tips for staying fit on the go? I’d love to hear your travel tips and hacks. Drop me a line in the comments below!

Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West