10 Super Easy Photo Tips Anyone Can Use

10 Easy Photo Tips Anyone Can Use

For almost a decade now we’ve had our own photography business. From portraits, to commercial images we’ve learned a thing or two about how to craft a better image that will both pop on your social media feed, and be a reminder of treasured memories for years to come. Give up the selfie, you don’t want to remember your timeless travels with strictly selfie shots. Here are some tips for making your pics look like the pros. 

Amy West in lighthouse
Shooting from a higher vantage point creates an image that pops
1. Try Shooting from a Different Perspective. 
For example, it may be obvious to shoot a picture of an attraction (like a castle) from straight on. Instead try getting a higher vantage point or getting lower to the ground for a more unique angle. For shooting people, try shooting them walking away for a more mysterious image.
Amy West with baby
Try to keep your subject in one third of the image

2. The Rule of Thirds
Every pro uses the rule of thirds. It’s a more aesthetically pleasing visual. Try to keep the main subject matter in one third of the image. The right or left, or the center. When you get it in the muddy space in between it doesn’t stand out as much.

Beautiful landscape of the Pacific Coast
Capture the story of your destination by including more of the foreground
3. Incorporate images that take advantage of Foreground, Midground, and Background
Instead of just the ocean, try grabbing some of the sand, or rocks in the foreground for a more interesting shot. Mid ground would be the ocean, background could be the sunset or sunrise. Bonus* Incorporate people to add a sense of scale when shooting large structures

Shoot the horizon above or below the center of the photo
Adjust the horizon line above or below the center of the image

4. Change your horizon line
Instead of keeping it in the middle, try moving your horizon line to the top third or lower third of your image.

Less is more when it comes to flash
Less is more when it comes to on camera flashes

5. Use Flash Sparingly
If you are taking a photo of the inside of a large space, or of an outdoor landscape at dusk, a flash will be useless unless your focus is on a person. Skip the flash for these settings unless you are taking aim at a person and if you are, be prepared to lose the background in the process.

Shoot landscapes horizontally.
Take an image horizontal to include more of an epic landscape

6. Horizontal vs Portrait 
If you are taking a beautiful landscape, don’t waste it on a portrait or vertical image. Move your shot horizontal that way you can take in the whole scene. 
Ollo Clip
The Ollo Clip helps eliminate the need for an extra device. Your iPhone can be everything all in one.

7. Ollo Clip
These nifty iPhone lenses will take your mobile pics to a new level

Professionally edit your images with great apps like VSCO CAM

8. Apps
Apps like VSCO cam and Camera + are great apps for editing your images to make them more appealing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. A great book for utilizing these tools is iPhone only photography by David Molnar
Canon Rebel
Unless you are using your manual settings, the use of a DSLR may be unnecessary 
9. The Truth about DSLRs
Unless you are willing to learn the manual settings, you may want to consider leaving your DSLR at home. These bulky cameras can take some great photos, but if you plan on shooting in manual and program the whole time, just use your iPhone and some of the great tools mentioned in 7 and 8. 

iphone tripod
A lightweight handheld tripod will eliminate the need for countless selfies and ensure the entire family makes it in the shot

10. Love your not so selfie
Invest in a lightweight tripod to avoid selfies and ensure everyone makes it into the shot.
What are your favorite travel photography hacks! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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