11 Road Trip Essentials for Your Family

Family road trips can be daunting. There are so many moving parts to think of. I don’t mind admitting that I get more than a little overwhelmed when it comes to packing up the entire family and hitting the road. There is hope though, if you start with a few must-haves from Munchkin‘s Brica by Munchkin line you can breathe a sigh of relief and know you have your basics covered. I can honestly say that without these every day road trip essentials, I’d be lost.

Travel Essentials from Munchkin

Before packing up our family for a recent road trip to Georgia, we partnered with Munchkin to make sure were geared up and ready to go. All products featured were provided to me for review, however all opinions in this blog are completely my own.

1. Brica Seat Guardian

Our car is definitely not new, however we try to take care of our things and make them last as long as possible. No matter how often you clean your car, kids are certainly one of the worst offenders when it comes to wear and tear. To protect our leather seats we gear up with Brica’s Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector which lays between your car’s interior fabric and your child’s car seat. This is huge for avoiding permanent dents in the material as well as protecting against spills and food stains. Bonus! The Seat Guardian also has extra storage for all those odds and ins you need easy access to.

2. Brica Kick Mats

Anyone who has ever sat in front of a kid on a road trip has probably felt the familiar thump of feet against the back of the seat. Unfortunately there is no convenient gizmo to keep them from kicking the seat, however the Brica Deluxe Kick Mats will at the very least keep those little shoes from smearing dirt and grime all over your interior. The extra large size ensures even the largest seats will be covered. Wipe the mats off for easy cleaning or toss it in the washing machine for heavier soils.

3. Brica Sun Safety Shades

Serving double duty for our travel needs are Munchkin’s sun safety shades. These Brica White Hot Sun Safety Shades are easy to retract or remove, and adjustable for the best fit. Not only do they block the glare from the sun (which has ruined many a car nap), but they also tell you when the car is too hot for the littles. I love that these shades also protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. I always hate it when I discover my little ones got a little too much sun while traveling in the car. Who thinks about applying sunscreen on their kids due to sun exposure through windows? Not me.

4. Brica Seat Belt Adjuster

I’m pretty sure 100% of kids hate the seat belt creeping up on their neck. Add 10 hours on the road to this irritant and you have one grumpy kid. This Brica Seat Belt Adjuster is the solution, keeping it securely away from your mini’s neck and face.

Brica Rearview Mirro

5. Brica Deluxe Baby Mirror

I never knew what I was missing until I got this Brica Deluxe Baby Mirror. It’s three times as large as the one I had prior making me feel like I just got glasses for the first time. I can finally see! This rear facing mirror provides wide angle views of your child in the back seat helping you safely keep an eye on your kids without having to crane your neck around all the time. Definitely a must-have!

6. Munchkin Miracle Cup

I don’t know about you but I’ve had to toss more than a handful of sippy cups that weren’t up to the task of hydrating my kid without leaking. When my baby turned into a toddler the battle got even more fierce, as she now chews through any kind of plastic spout and demands to drink out of a big girl cup. Enter the hero, her new Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel Sippy Cup. Totally on trend with all the new vacuum sealed bottles, this stainless steel cup keeps drinks cool for up to 15 hours. Additionally the spoutless 360 degree drinking edge allows her to drink like a big girl without spilling. Funny story. I tried this cup out first and could not figure out how to drink from it. I handed it to her and she had it right away. The folks at Munchkin really get kids, and there is seriously no end to their innovation.

7. Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher

Just like her plastic sippy cups, my toddler’s plastic snack cups are no match to her penchant for destruction. It usually takes 2.5 seconds for her to immediately peel the lid off and spew gold fish everywhere in the car. Thankfully Munchkin now has the more durable Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher designed to keep snacks in. The plastic flaps help avoid spills while keeping food fresh, and the screw on lid aids in keeping the mess to a minimum.

8. Brica Safety Harness Backpack

There is a time and place to let your little ones run free, and then there is a time to keep them safely beside you. For busy toddlers demanding their independence (or too heavy to carry everywhere), you must-have this genius Brica Safety Harness Backpack. Personally, I am a nervous wreck in public spaces that involve crowds, and in parking lots. My little one loves to run wild and can easily disappear in a matter of seconds. This Safety Harness Backpack has a removable tether you can use to give them the freedom they want while knowing exactly where they are at all times. It also features pockets on either side for snacks and sippy cups. My youngest loved having a special little bag just for her things, while I loved the peace of mind in the busy parking lot.

Toddler with the Munchkin portable sound machine

9. Munchkin Portable Sound Machine

As I’m sure many of you know, white noise can be a major sleep saver! In my house, we sleep with box fans in almost every room. Unfortunately though, packing up three box fans is hardly practical. Not surprisingly Munchkin has the perfect solution for that. The Munchkin Portable Sound Machine is just the right size to throw in your bag and hit the road with. It won’t matter what country you are in since it’s battery operated, and it operates on a timer so it wont drain the battery unnecessarily. I loved the three different sound settings including shushing, heartbeat, and white noise. Bonus! It also has a handy night light.

Brica Diaper Changing Pad

10. Brica goPad Diaper Changer

I’m a big believer in carrying around as little as possible. That’s why I ditched the diaper bag as soon as I could. Now I just carry my fashionable tote around with this handy Brica goPad Diaper Changer clutch for changing on the go. This pad is extra-large, cushioned, and expandable so it can grow with your baby (or giant toddler in my case). It has a detachable pad, and even includes a space for wipes, diapers, and bags. If that’s not luxury, I’m not sure what is.

ABC Travel Flash Cards by Munchkin

11. Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards

When boredom is at a maximum and things get intense during your travels, it’s a great idea to have a secret weapon up your sleeve. On our recent road trip these Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards were mine. Colorful and compact, my toddler loved looking through all the pictures of animals and shapes. Bonus! It’s spiral bound so all the cards stay at hand (instead of all over your floorboard).

I love sharing my favorite travel hacks especially when it comes to making travel with kids easier. These Munchkin essentials are certainly mom approved and made our trip so much easier. What are your favorite road trip tips and tricks? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


Travel Essentials with Munchkin featuring Stainless Steel Snack and Sippy Cups