24 Hours in Savannah with B Historic
Amy West and daughters at B Historic Savannah

This November the family and I headed up to Savannah for a relaxing weekend away. Seeking to refresh and refuel before the busy holiday season we eagerly accepted an invitation to stay with B Historic Savannah. Although David and I had enjoyed a few brief day trips to Savannah P.C. (pre children), we had yet to experience the full charm of this legendary Southern gem. Known as one of the most romantic destinations in the South, I was surprised that Savannah proved to be just as charming with the whole family, as if we had taken the trip alone as a couple. 

Amy West and daughters take a selfie at the B Historic
Taking our traditional selfie upon arrival

B Historic

This was my second visit to a B Hotel, and I can’t say enough great things about this chic hotel group purposefully catering to the needs of the modern traveler. B Historic’s friendly staff welcomed us with classic Southern Hospitality into a destination filled with sophisticated elegance. Clean lines, with accents in rich textures and hues exemplified a refined sense of luxury. While aesthetics are tasteful, comfort is also priority with plush bedding, and Aveda toiletries. Our suite was ideal for the family with a separate room and sitting area complete with pull out bed for the kiddos. This granted us privacy at bed time when the children were tucked in. 
Baby London enjoys the hospitality at B Historic Savannah.
London relaxes in our posh suite at the B Historic in Savannah
Additionally, the B Historic had a busy lobby bar with expert bar staff creating classic and locally inspired craft cocktails, an upscale restaurant in the form of Kitchen 320 (which I’ll touch on below), and an indoor pool my big kid couldn’t wait to make a splash in. B Historic hit all the marks necessary for a successful trip away, providing an escape from reality with all the comforts of home within reach. Located in the Historic District of Savannah, B Historic gave us easy access to the most popular attractions in the area. We were no more than 10 minutes away from all the places we visited, some of them within a few minutes walk. 

Tip: Prepare to Valet park as street parking is not reliable. 
David West and daughters stand outside the B Historic in Savannah
David and the girls in front of the B Historic

Amy West and daughter play in Savannah's most popular park.
London and I playing in front of the Confederate Monument

Forsyth Park

The first place we sought out was Savannah’s famous Forsyth Park. Home to the iconic Forsyth Fountain and a memorial dedicated to all the men who fought in the Confederacy during the Civil War. This sprawling park is a hub for locals and is a popular spot to play sports, sun bathe, take a romantic stroll, or let the kiddos run free. We were immediately drawn in by the large oaks lining the paths creating a romantic ambiance during the hours before sunset. Our kids couldn’t get enough of the two large playgrounds, which led us to return the following day for more. On Saturday we packed a picnic and had lunch on the green after checking out the local farmers market and annual Children’s Book Festival. The park was a place you could either relax, or get involved. A perfect place to unwind with the family and definitely one of our favorite stops. 
Tip: Be patient while finding parking on a Saturday morning. You may have to circle a bit. 

Amy West and daughters at twilight in Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.
A fashionable moment with the littles in front of the Confederate Monument in Savannah’s Forsyth Park

Amy West and daughter swing in Forsyth Park
Getting in touch with my inner kid in Forsyth Park

Forsyth Fountain in Savannah, Georgia.
Forsyth Fountain is a beauty to behold. 

Tomato Tarts at Kitchen 320 in Savannah.
Elevated Southern Cuisine the whole family  couldn’t resist

Kitchen 320

We were completely impressed with the outstanding fare at B Historic’s Kitchen 320. Executive Chef William Herrington was so kind to take us on a culinary journey through his Southern roots and childhood inspiration. Each dish delivered was packed with flavor and it’s own unique story. From Tomato Pie Tarts, to Sweet Tea Chicken Wings, the treats kept coming. Deconstructed Crab Cakes in the form of giant fresh lump crab and tasty local grit cakes, and Pickled Shrimp that had us begging for more, to a smokey Steak that took us to the campfires of Chef Herrington’s youth, we were simply inspired. Each wine pairing enhanced the flavors, and the after dinner cocktail and specialty coffee made the entire affair other worldly. Even David who does not like coffee, was turned into a coffee lover for this one magical night.

Champagne toast at Kitchen 320 in Savannah, Georgia.
Kitchen 320 is the perfect place to celebrate

 The staff was exceptionally friendly with our girls, and the Chef, being a Dad himself created a special French Bread pizza just for them. Finally for dessert we enjoyed a preview of Savannah’s famous ice creamery Leopold’s in a blend of ice cream created by the Chef and served with a golden spoon. We all felt like royalty by the end of the evening and our first grader had a magical story to tell about her golden spooned dessert. Whether you stay at the B Historic or are just in for the day, a meal at Kitchen 320 is a must!
Tip: Reservations are always encouraged. 
Deconstructed crab cakes tempt the taste buds at Kitchen 320
Confession: I was craving these deconstructed crab cakes for breakfast the next morning

Interior shot of Kitchen 320 in the B Historic in Savannah.
Kitchen 320’s aesthetic is sophisticated and chic

Cafe M

I found this little gem browsing through Trip Advisor searching for Savannah’s most popular local eateries. This French Cafe had great scores and an awesome location off River Street so we set out for an early breakfast after hearing that lines build fast at this popular dining destination. We arrived at 8am Saturday and managed to get parking pretty quick. Only a few tables were taken, so we claimed a seat outdoors where we could enjoy the cool fall morning and perhaps a little people watching. Macarons naturally graced the menu along with croissant breakfast sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee. Servings were generous, hot, and sourced with local and organic ingredients. Everything was as tasty as the locals claimed and we stuffed ourselves to ensure we were properly fueled up for exploring River St afterwards.   
Tip: I recommend toddlers be contained in strollers. This area is historic,and thus not childproof. 
Cafe M on River St in Savannah, Georgia.
Cafe M was highly praised by the locals

Macarons and a latte at Cafe M in Savannah, Georgia.
Macarons? Yes please!

David West and daughter embrace the morning in Savannah, Georgia.
Timeless memories with my loves

Egg croissant at Cafe M.
Fresh, local, and organic. Cafe M’s food was delish!

Amy West at Cafe M in Savannah, Georgia
In my happy place

River Street
River Street in Savannah is likely one of the most touristy places to stop when you visit. Boutique historic hotels line the waterway where souvenir stores, restaurants, and sweet shops lure travelers to stop come in and experience a piece of Savannah. We were happy to arrive in the morning when things were still slow along River Street. We strolled the river walk, watched the ferry boat, and dropped into the iconic River Street Sweets shop for a sample of their famous Pecan Praline. This is a great place to dine, or take a river cruise if you are looking for a romantic addition to your trip. 
Tip: Visit in the morning to avoid crowds. Most shops open around 9 or 10. 
Amy West and family stand on Savannah's famous River Street.

David West and family stroll along River Street in Savannah

Candy apples and treats pack the case at River Street Sweets


Leopold’s is truly legendary in Savannah. Originally open in 1919, the tradition of Leopold’s has been passed down from generation to generation. The old fashioned goodness hasn’t gone out of style, and today generation after generation bring their offspring to this timeless ice creamery and cafe. I had previously the pleasure of enjoying Leopold’s decadent treats at a few other fine dining establishments and it was so good, I was willing to go out of my way to visit this Savannah icon. My daughter Sienna and I waited in line close to 30 minutes just to taste the creamy goodness and it was well worth it! Pumpkin ice cream? Yes and Yes!
Tip: Be prepared for lines. Don’t worry they move fast and it gives you time to decide which flavor you want!
Leopold's ice cream is a popular tourist destination
Leopold’s Ice Cream was worth the wait!

Mover posters decorate the walls of Leopold's Icecream in Savannah
Owner operator Stratton Leopold is the son of one of the original owners and has his own famous history as a Hollywood Movie producer. You can see some of the films he worked on lining the halls of Leopold’s today. 

Sienna cradles her prize from Leopold's in Savannah
Sienna claims her prize

Pumpkin pie ice cream and more from Leopold's
Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Ice Cream for these girls! 

Sandfly BBQ The Streamliner

During my Trip Advisor research I also came across The Streamliner. After reading about it I recalled a foodie friend of mine visiting recently and knew we were in for a treat. I had a feeling my kiddos were going to flip for this BBQ restaurant situated inside a train car in the heart of historic Savannah. I’m not gonna lie. It was really freaking cool! Sandfly BBQ has two locations in Savannah, but I can’t imagine it getting much cooler than this train car. We ordered up a platter of tasty BBQ and chowed down in one of the South’s most unique foodie finds. A destination with true character and one that will be a timeless memory for the family and I. Don’t miss it!
Tip: We arrived early during the dinner hour around 5pm on a Saturday and there were no lines. 
the Streamliner train car serving Sandfly BBQ in Savannah

Amy West and her daughter London enjoy dinner in the Streamliner location of Sandfly BBQ in Savannah Georgia

David West and daughter enjoy dinner in the Streamliner

BBQ Platter at the Sandfly BBQ the Streamliner

Some trips end and you are ready for a vacation from your vacation. Then there are the rare journeys that fall together so perfectly, you simply want to do them all over again. That’s what Savannah was for us, a magical weekend with just the right amount of fun and relaxation. We can’t wait to return and explore more of Savannah’s character and charm. 

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


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Amy West admires the view from her suite at B Historic

Although we stayed in Savannah as guests of the B Historic, the opinions expressed in this blog are my own. 

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