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Before on the left, after on the right.

 I’ve been hearing the buzz about the advantages of juicing and juice cleanses for some time now. There’s no doubt about it, juicing has definitive benefits and every day there is another news outlet singing it’s praises. A recent trip to NYC revealed that every other street corner housed not a starbucks, but you guessed it, a juice bar.

One day on social media I saw a photo of my friends fridge full of mail order juices for a cleanse and that did it, I had to get in on the action. Upon researching the local market I was referred to a local business appropriately named Pulp. I was told they had the best juice cleanse in town. Owner Jason Bajalia, was incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic sharing what Pulp has to offer. After successfully completing my very first 3 day juice cleanse, I’m here dishing all the details.

Pulp has a location in San Marco and Avondale
3 Day Cleanse Results
Let’s just get right down to what’s most important. Results. Just like my 30 day challenge in the fall, I made sure to document well my before and after. Four pounds down and lots of bloating gone, you could say I was definitely more bikini ready by the last day.
Before on the left, after on the right.

Before on the left, after on the right.
Winter Amy… and Summer Amy on 3rd Day of Juice Cleanse

Pulp does all the work for you.

 I blog about food, fitness, fashion, and fabulous destinations. I eat
amazing food, and drink some spectacular beverages, but health is still
top priority on my check list. This is why juicing is so attractive to
me, but all the work that would go into juicing everything for a three
day cleanse at home would be so time consuming. Having a business like
Pulp do the work for me was a huge time saver and let me focus on what
mattered most. I work out a lot, and this is just what I needed to
reboot my metabolism into high gear to actually show the muscle tone
I’ve been working on all season. You know… that muscle tone
conveniently hidden under brunch. Haha.

How I Hacked my Juice Cleanse
Guess who else loves juicing now?

Timing – There are many reasons to start a juice cleanse. We are
so busy in this day in age it’s important to slow down and let our
bodies rest. I was fascinated to learn we use about 70% of our daily
energy purely on digestion. Taking a break from knoshing gives our vital
organs a chance to heal themselves. Powerful nutrients from juices
absorb almost immediately into our system allowing our bodies to spend
more energy on other important functions. For folks who travel a lot for
work or lead  a very social life, a juice cleanse allows you to the
chance to stabalize your weight, and maybe shed a few pounds. Whatever
your reason I found that timing is everything. It’s tough for anyone to
limit themselves to only juice on any normal day. Toss in an active
family complete with husband and kid and you have yourselves a trap. This
is why I chose specifically to schedule my cleanse when my husband
would be gone. No salty chips crunching in the background, no late night
corks popping out of wine bottles. All I had to handle were a few
toddler snacks for my daughter and drinking my juices. Piece of cake.

Rest – I also chose not to schedule any work outs during my cleanse, this kept me rested and focused on the goal ahead.

Trophy – Most importantly, I gave myself a goal which ultimately turned into
the best distraction. That goal, in my case was a photo shoot… complete
with swimsuits. If that isn’t motivation to stay the course, I don’t
know what is.
Of course, not everyone can schedule a photo shoot for their last day, but the point is that it helps to make matters easiest on yourself by planning smartly and including some kind of motivating distraction to keep your mind in a positive place.
Thanks Pulp for helping me get bikini ready!
5 Big Surprises
1. I made it through – I was surprised that it was such a breeze, really anyone could do it. I have fasted for 3 days before and this was no where near the same kind of strain. I was told the third day was the hardest, but in my case I found the first day to be the most trying to get through.
2. Cost – Averaging at $30 a day, this three day cleanse comes in at a steal. I’m not even sure you could make 6 juices this size at home for that amount. Pulp goes out of their way to put your health first giving you all the incentive you need to get going. 
3. Daily pick up – Pick up wasn’t as much of a surprise for me, but for others it has been. The most effective juice cleanse is a fresh one. This is why I chose to go with a local purveyor rather than a company who ships it to you. While Pulp will put up to two days worth together for you to pick up. I chose to come the day before and pick up my six juices for the following day. 
4. No hunger – Yes, I said it. I wasn’t hungry. The first day I was a little foggy (most likely because I chose not to have any coffee), and a bit tired, but not hungry. I found I had the urge to chew, or what i called the munchies, but from 8am to 6pm I was drinking a juice every two hours and a water in between. There was absolutely no hunger friends. This only got better each day as the munchies disappeared the second day. By the third day, I kid you not, I was ready to keep going on. 
5. Taste bud reset – When I finally made it to the fourth day and I could ease myself back into solids I had the most surprising discovery. Food tasted weird. I tried some bland walnuts and they just didn’t do it for me. Where did I find myself? Back at the grocery store buying veggies for juice. It’s all I wanted! It helped that I had slept better than I had all year, was getting compliments from everyone I saw, and felt like I was on a personal high. Who would want to get off that peak?

Doing this juice cleanse has certainly revealed how great I can feel, how efficient my body can run when it’s fueled by the right feul, and how much I want this to be a part of my daily life. I’ll certainly be doing these cleanses at least a few times a year to reset my good eating habits, and give my body the rest it’s obviously been craving.

Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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Details on the Juice Cleanse- I had level 2
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