3 Epic Gingerbread Creations on the First Coast
The World's Largest Gingerbread Pirate Ship located at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

1. Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Visit the world’s largest Gingerbread Pirate Ship at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. This 17 foot ship rests in the lobby of the resort throughout the holiday season and greets guests with a crew of ten colorful pirates.
Eight Ritz-Carlton pastry chefs invested around 350 hours to create over 600 pieces of baked gingerbread. Additional help comes through the resort’s Community Footprints Program which enlists the aid of aspiring culinary students from local high schools. Students rub colored sugar powder and paint coffee extracts on the fresh gingerbread to create a natural wood grain look. Additional work is completed by the resort’s pastry team as they create cargo boxes, treasure chests, and cannon balls. Additionally an overnight chef spends an entire week per crew member piecing together individual pieces of color fondant.
What an epic creation. One worth going out of your way to see!

One Ocean Resort and Spa happens to be just down the road from our neighborhood. Since it’s so close we love including it in our holiday traditions. Kicking off the holiday season each year One Ocean Resort and Spa unveils it’s larger than life Gingerbread Creation with live carolers, fresh gingerbread cookies for the crowd, and lots of fanfare! This year the charming scene picturing Santa’s Elves resting up on Christmas Eve featured enough sweets to last all year!

Here are the stats: 

160 lbs of jelly beans
150 lbs of sugar
Several hundred lbs of flower
6 pastry chefs and an engineer 
400 lbs of brown sugar
200 lbs of butter
20 lbs of molasses
2,000 eggs

Joining the tradition on the First Coast is Amelia Island Plantation Omni Resort and Spa. This year Chef Daven and his culinary team created a giant gingerbread Live Oak inspired by the beautiful oaks that surround the area. Channeling a little bit of inspiration from Keebler a full size elf house sits inside the imaginative creation. Want to know what goes into a majestic tree that’s loaded with sweetness? I’m so glad you asked!
Here’s the scoop!
100 pounds of oreo “dirt”
400 pounds of flour
800 pounds of sugar
900 eggs
4,000 pieces of bark (gingerbread)
8,000 leaves (cookies)
1,800 hours of Christmas spirit
Make your days a little brighter this Christmas season and seek out these epic creations. It’s the perfect family tradition and a great way to slow day and enjoy the holiday with the whole family. Then you can head home and create your own!
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
Amy West

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