3 Fashion Staples for Men. What are you missing? – Fashion Friday

It’s funny how a random encounter in Publix can turn into a life altering friendship. This is the case with my dear friend Sophia Gholz. If she hadn’t found me that fateful day in Publix 3 years ago, you might not be reading the A-list at all. It was under a considerable amount of her influence that I founded Like Love Want Need. This fashionable trend setter paid her dues in LA, and NYC working on several fronts in the fashion biz. Locally, you may have seen her on the industry panel during Jacksonville Fashion Week. I’m pleased to have her contribute her thoughts today, with three timeless must haves for every man.

Fashion Biz Influencer – Sophia Gholz
Sophia speaking in 2013 at Jax Fashion Week

With each passing season, fashion trends come and go. Most are discardable trends that are forgotten in the gutter of the catwalk once the next season rolls around.  Then some trends endure through mutation like a chameleon keeping its form but changing its hue. Fashion, after all, is a fickle business. But through all of this, there are some staples that never go out of style. No matter what season, what year, or what your personal style might be. 

1) A Watch
A watch can be a great way to add to an ensemble. Throw on a casual outfit with a high-end watch and you’ve just dressed up your outfit. Or pair a suit with a rustic athletic watch to add the perfect touch of casual masculinity.
Pair a high-end watch with a casual outfit to dress it up.

2) The Ultimate T-Shirt Collection
It doesn’t matter who, how old, or what your personal style might be, these days a cool t-shirt can be worn for almost any occasion. Which is why, you can never have too many t-shirts.

These days a t-shirt can be worn for almost any occasion.

3) Boots

I love a man in a hot pair of kicks and with winter just around the corner, boots are a must have for any guy.

We love a guy in a great pair of boots.

Missing any of these in your arsenal? Hope we gave you a reason to find your own LLWN items. If not, you can pass this along to someone special in your life for a great gift idea.

Sophia Gholz and Amy West

Have a Fashionable Friday! Thank you Sophia for your great advice!

Enjoy the Journey.

xo- Amy West