3 Healthy Vacay Tips- Tuesday Tips

Looking for ways to make your next vacation a little more guilt free? Try these simple tips and give yourself a pat on the back.

1. Choose your adventure 
Part of having a healthy trip is choosing one that creates an environment for healthy choices. In 2008 my husband and I decided to conquer a goal we had set our eyes on for sometime, the 14,000 ft mountain Pikes Peak, which also required quite a bit of training and preparation. For some, this may be a little aggressive, but you get the point. Choose something that will challenge you and push you beyond your comfort zone. You will leave with a deep feeling of accomplishment and it will make the R&R that much more golden.

2. Liberate your Mode of Transportation
Getting to know a new environment is a great excuse to stretch your legs. Whether it’s by walking or biking, express your independence by passing on the rental car and using your own fuel. 

3. Go Halfsies
There’s no reason to skip dessert. You are on vacation, enjoy all that the local culture has to offer. Instead, consider moderation and next time you indulge in that local sweet treat, spilt it with your travel buddy.
Enjoy the Journey
xo Amy West