3 New Family Travel Products You Need Now

When it comes to being on the go with little ones, you can sign me up for anything that makes life easier. Sometimes I dread just running a few errands (not to mention a long road trip) because of the sheer amount of energy it takes to herd two young children in and out of the car. That’s why I’m so grateful for Munchkin and their innovative products designed to make those endless little hassles a whole lot easier. You can count on me to share the latest in family travel conveniences. The most recent on my radar are these three brilliant products I can’t figure out how I ever lived without.

This post was sponsored by Munchkin however all opinions in this blog are 100% my own.

1.Brica by Munchkin
Out-N-About Trunk Organizer
and Changing Station

If you’ve followed me and my family for a while on social media, chances are you’ve heard more than a few rants from me about family destinations that don’t have adequate (or any) changing stations. A common problem with a common solution, just change the child in your trunk. Brica by Munchkin has made this experience so much easier and pleasant by creating the Out-N-About Trunk Organizer and changing station. I love the Out-N-About because it keeps everything you need close at hand and ready for you when it’s time to change your little one.

Two large pockets organize and hold all the essentials you need such as diapers, a change of clothes, snacks, toys and more. Meanwhile in the front, all your basics are accounted for with wipes, your changing pad, disposal bags, and a space for hand sanitizer all built right into the face of the organizer. I am totally that mom that underpacks, so it’s a great relief that these supplies are already packed and ready to go, waiting in the trunk. If I forget the diaper bag or a change of clothes in case of accidents, that’s ok, it’s all ready in the Out-N-About. This is truly a life saver for every parent. In the middle of potty training? Some parents opt to carry a small potty in the trunk during this stage. The Out-N-About is also a great place for storing your travel potty and any necessities for clean up.


2. Brica by Munchkin Breeze Baby In-Sight

Auto Fan  Mirror

The problem with all the great child safety seats these days is that they are giant, and often times stifling. Whether you are traveling in the middle of the summer, or bundled up in the dead of winter, a little air flow can go a long way when it comes to keeping our tiny humans comfortable. Brica by Munchkin’s Breeze Fan & Mirror combo is a brilliant solution for this air flow problem. I love the large mirror which gives you the best view of your kiddo while the fan keeps the air circulating as your vehicle works to achieve its most comfortable temperatures. The extra bonus for me was how much my toddler London loved making faces at herself. I spent more than a few minutes LOL’ing at her quirky expressions in the mirror. Although intended for rear facing child seats, we had no problem converting this to forward facing for our growing girl. She loves the extra air on her face and I am able to control the fan from the driver’s seat with the remote included.

3. Miracle 360 Cup 14 oz.

For every parent who has gone through a hundred “no-spill” cups that let you down once again, you can now cheer with me and welcome the Miracle 360 Cup. I covered the stainless steel version of this in my last round up of travel essentials, but now Munchkin is offering a 14oz version. That means less refills needed, and more no-spill hydration for your kiddo. New to the Miracle Cup? This genius product is easy to clean, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. I also love that this larger version has no-slip grips on it, making it more secure in your little tykes hands. My kid’s dentist has been telling me for some time to transition to spoutless cups for my littles. I consider this a parenting win that I’m able to take his expert advice, and believe me, I need all the wins I can get.

These three products are just the start of all the amazing innovations Munchkin has to offer. See the full line up here. What are your favorite time, and energy savers when it comes to family life? I love it when you share your favorite tips and life hacks in the comments.

Until then…

xo- Amy West