3 Reasons I Can’t Stay Away from Zen Body Yoga Loft | Fitness Trends on the First Coast | Photos and Review

Here’s the truth. I’m picky, seriously picky about my work outs. Here’s my work out check list:

– must be fun
– must engage my mind
– must provide an escape from my daily stress
– must give me results
– must fit into my schedule
– must kick my a$$
– must not have weird people that bother me

Ok that last one may not be on the list, but it’s still true.

Knowing that health and wellness is a hot topic especially on the coast where I live, I’ve set out to experience and reveal what I consider Fitness Trends on the First Coast.

Zen Body Yoga Loft 

When my friend Heather approached me at our kids school to chat with me about her new yoga studio I did a little happy dance. I love yoga! In fact I had been looking for a studio that fit in my schedule, and that also connected with my inner yogi. What I found in Heather’s vision really hit the mark. Since becoming a part of the Zen Body Yoga Loft family, I have now discovered the…

3 Reasons I Can’t Stay Away from Zen Body Yoga Loft

 Lovely Loft Location 

Heather’s grand design for the Loft was a cool hip getaway. Her goal was to make you feel like you’re at your best friend’s place. Cozy up, grab a mug of tea and unwind. Equal parts trendy, and spacious… I love the natural eastern light that opens up the floor in the morning, and the splashes of color that draw the eye throughout the lay out. Water, tea, coffee, and snacks are provided should you crave refreshments, and friendships are built as you set your intentions for your practice and invest into creating a healthier you. A variety of classes are offered from a beginner friendly relaxation course (yes please!) to more advance power sessions. Zen Body also offers pre-natal sessions and hybrid yogalates classes for those looking for the best of both worlds. I’ve been enjoying the relaxation class as I’m a little rusty and I really love that she perfectly blends the technique of the flow and the spiritual aspect of the practice without being overwhelming.

 Get Your Kids some Zen 

As important to me as my own health, is the health and well being of my daughter. Getting her involved in children’s yoga seemed like the perfect fit for my athletic and highly energetic munchkin. I welcomed the opportunity to teach her the value of relaxation, strength, focus, and gratitude. What I discovered with Zen Body’s kids classes truly inspired me. Engaging their minds and imagination, the classes are highly interactive as they encourage kids to be creative and get involved with their practice. Each session includes a journey through poses, breathing practices, story telling, music, and art. My munchkin never tires of the class as it flows with her attention span to keep her entertained and absolutely captivated by the practice of yoga. Classes are offered for children ages 3 and up.

Kids learn about yoga through play at Zen Body Yoga Loft
Let’s all Zen Together

One of the special things Heather offers at Zen Body Yoga Loft is a unique space to have your next event. Whether it be Girls Night Out, Baby Showers, Wedding Parties, or Your Next Big Birthday, wouldn’t it be cool and different to have a unique setting that also offers a chance to relax the mind and spirit? They will even come to you if you just want a session in the comfort of your own space. I love her idea of a girls night yoga session and tea party! Use your imagination with how creative you could get with that.

Whatever’s on your checklist, Zen Body Yoga Loft probably has something that will meet your needs.  Schedule your visit today to achieve more peace, flexibility, and strength in your life. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
See more pictures of my experience at Zen Body Yoga Loft on my facebook gallery here

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