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The more I explore this fitness series, the more I’m convinced that Fitness should be fun! It should, and it can be, you just have to discover what makes you open up and feel alive. For my next stop in this series I decided to check out a trend that has been around for a while, but has recently blossomed from a local favorite into an international movement. I signed up with ice skater/bio chemist turned Dance Trance motivator/co-owner Beth Handline to find out what’s behind this popular trend and it’s cult following. Having taken a gym based dance/fitness class and mastering it I thought I’d jump right in and impress them all with my uber cool moves. You could say Dance Trance took me back to school. Good thing I signed up for the Break Down intermediate class. Here are my:

3 Reasons You Will Get 
Addicted to Dance Trance 

Dance Trance Moves Your Body

1. Night Club or Health Club?

From the moment you walk in the door Dance Trance immediately slaps your preconceived fitness ideals in the face. Forget the gym, you are transported to the club. Driving bass notes pull you in and you can’t help but start swinging your hips, or tapping your foot. Strolling through their boutique full of brightly colored fitness apparel designed with fun and movement in mind, you begin to realize, I might be taking this all way to seriously. It’s clear this is a place that wants you to loosen up and let go. When you start to let go… something special is sure to begin. Dance Trance is clearly most comfortable stepping outside the status quo and mixing up your normal routine with a refreshingly vibrant burst of energy. Reminding you… life is about living, no matter your shape, size, or fitness expertise. Why choose the gym or the club? You can get fit in a safe in environment, have the time of your life, and meet some really fun and encouraging people who want to do the same.

2. A Cult Following in the Best Way Possible
Perhaps that creative intensity is the secret to their international cult following. I was surprised to learn that the locally owned business has over the past 20 years expanded from two brick and mortar locations here (Jacksonville Beach, and San Marco), to over 50 locations around the world. As I worked my way through the choreography along side both beginners and DT veterans, I quickly realized why it’s so popular, it’s really some of the most fun I’ve ever had working out. 
In addition to classes Trancers become a part of a larger family as they join in the fun. Dance Trance is committed to the local community and is constantly holding events for class attendees and guests such as their annual Dance in the Dark party or Tours of other DT locations around the US. Charity events, cruises, and happy hours all give Trancers a reason to come together, have fun, and show off their expert moves they’ve been sweating on all year. 

With over 50 locations world wide Dance Trance has become an international movement.

3. Motivating and Challenging for Your Mind and Body
At the beginning of class you are given fair warning. You might get a little overwhelmed. Dance Trance is designed to challenge your mind and body and give those who love dance fitness, but are bored of the typical classes offered at the average gym, a place to enhance their skill set. When you look around you may feel like you are surrounded by pros. Don’t worry, Dance Trance offers a class for all levels from basic to advanced. As you consistently visit and become more comfortable you are encouraged to add to it, free style, and all around make the dances your own. Song lists change weekly with a variety of music styles assuring you will not get bored, because you really never know what to expect next! 
Professional choreographers from around the nation come together to create the trendy moves that will have you burning 500-1000 calories per class. Want to maximize your fitness results? DT has a weight management program they offer on their website to help you reach your personal goals.

Dance Trance offers classes for all levels. 
After twenty plus years in the business Dance Trance continues to meet the culture where it is at by infusing fresh ideas, new concepts, and a social circle that stays connected both online and in person. After one of the quickest hours of my life I left feeling energized, excited, and definitely addicted to the phenomenon that is Dance Trance. Looking forward to keeping up with the rest of the class!

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Enjoy the Journey!
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