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I’ve bragged about Image Skincare’s benefits for years. However given this sunny season where we all want to be outdoors soaking up the sun I thought it would timely to name four of my favorite Summer Skin Savers! These items are nothing short of miraculous and stand out among their peers. If you are aiming to keep that youthful glow while everyone else is turning a bright shade of raspberry, I fully endorse the products below. 

1. Prevention Plus 45+ SPF Sheer Spray 
This sunscreen is amazing. One of the few my munchkin, husband, and I all love to wear. We used this all spring, and ran out. The first time we tried another brand we all burned. When we wear this product, I don’t get so much as a tan line. Feel safe from the sun with the best sunscreen I’ve tried ever. This product is paraben free, ultra sheer, broad spectrum, water resistant, and packed with antioxidants to nourish your skin. Once I left this one at a friend house and had to go back asap to get it. Prevention plus is cherished like treasure in our house. 
2. I Conceal Flawless Foundation with SPF 30
Before this product I was big on tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams and mineral powder foundations. They were great, but my skin was trending toward the dry side and these just seemed to absorb all the moisture in my skin. I knew I needed something with more coverage but everything else I tried felt so heavy. When I discovered I Conceal the love affair began. I’ve been infatuated ever since. Touted as skincare in a foundation, you could sleep in this stuff and you’d be just fine. I need coverage that will take me from the playground with the kiddo, to on set with the bright lights of TV. I use this for literally everything and it does the trick. Add in SPF 30, and I have instant coverage from the unforgiving FL sun. 

I Conceal is like liquid Photoshop
3. The Max Stem Cell Creme
This overnight creme has made my mouth gape multiple times. My skin looks so shiny and fresh every time I use it. Even after super stressful weeks or sleepless nights with a sick munchkin. If I could drink it… I probably would. Encapsulated ingredients are time released lasting up to 48hours. Plant based stem cells prevent cell damage, minimize wrinkles, and hydrate dry, aging, and damaged skin. Perfect for summer, perfect for everyone. Simply stated, a must have! 
4. Oxygen Facial
Sorry friends, you can’t take this one home. However, it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself. This Oxygen facial kit is like Christmas in a box. Get a facial, and wake up ten years younger. Ok… results may vary, but they really are so amazing. The products in this kit infuse oxygen into your skin with a powerful blend of plant based stem cells, peptides, and a high concentrate of enzymatic botanicals. Tired dull skin is revived, rejuvenated, and exfoliated. Just what your skin is calling for this summer, when it needs it most! 

Fresh and shiny after an O2 facial – No makeup- no filter

Image Skincare has a roster full of shining stars like these. It was hard to choose but these are certainly my favorites of the season. I’ll be back soon with more great finds.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo-Amy West


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