40 Plus Activities For Kids During the Storm

It’s storm season and that means chances are you’ll find yourself stuck inside with the ones you love for a few more hours than might be comfortable. To avoid cabin fever try some of these great ideas to keep the kids busy.

Two sisters observe the surf before a hurricane


1.Prepare the House
Kids are part of the family. Encourage them to join in the prep work. Our kids loved helping pick up the yard, board up the house, and getting things packed up for evacuation.

2.Create Money Making Opportunities

Kids lacking motivation? Nothing like a $5 or $10 bill to activate their enthusiasm. 

If kids can walk they are old enough to task with chores even it its just pretending. Depending on age you can have them sweep floors, dust furniture, fold laundry, wipe baseboards, put up or wash dishes, and gather trash.
Most kids love to get hands on. I especially love some of the water color sets that are available.5.No-Sew Crafts
There are some fun no-sew crafts you can stock up on that include everything from stuffed animals to quilts and even pot holders. I found lots at Target. Other great places to check out include Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn’s Fabrics.

6.Take a Long Bath
This of course is only good for safer weather that does not include dangerous winds, or lightening. Well before the storm gets bad, and while you still have water, have the kids take a nice long relaxing bath. It will help with anxiety, and take up 30 minutes to an hour.

Construction paper, coloring books, and sketch pads are always stocked up in our house. This is a great time to haul them all out and spend some time getting creative with the kids.

8.Play Dough
Play Dough is not my favorite due to the mess, but this is a guaranteed time consumer. You can even find party packs at the dollar store. 

9.Hide and Seek

With and without flashlights, hide and seek is a classic that never gets old.

10.DIY Crafts
We found some really fun kits at Target including DIY chapstick and bath bombs. Stock up in advance and pay attention to which require electricity and which don’t.
11.Glow Lights
Head to the Dollar Store and grab a stock of glow lights. When the electricity goes out, bring them out and have some fun. This is a great way to combat worries and turn it into something fun.
12.Dance Party
If you have electricity, a charged device, or a generator, turn up the music and dance it out. Glow lights make this even more fun in the dark.

My girls love getting makeovers and playing in moms makeup. This is a great way entertain the young ones. 

Little girl getting nails done
14.Paint Nails
Grab some polish and paint away, or have fun with fake nails.
If the electricity is still on or if you operate on natural gas, break out the sugar, flour, and butter and bake some comfort food. 

Not into baking? Have the kids help you create their favorite meal.
17.Pasta Necklaces
Pasta necklaces never get old and almost all of us have the goods in our pantry. Sometimes keeping it simple really is best.

18.Pull Out Old Toys
We all have toys that have grown stagnant. Pull out some of the old favorites the kids forgot about and watch them fall in love again.

19.Dress Up
Find all the dress up clothes and even pull out some of mom and dads shoes and accessories. Let the kids dress up and play pretend.

20.Board Games
For kids old enough, spend some time playing your favorite board games or learning ones that take time to figure out like Monopoly and Life.
21.Build an Epic Fort
Pile up all the blankets, and pillows you can find for an epic fort. Include the TV for a fort the whole family can enjoy.

22.Groom the Animals
Grab the brush and have the kids brush and love on the dog or cat. This can be as relaxing for the kids as it is the animals. 

In an increasingly tech savvy world, it’s important to encourage the kids to dedicate time to reading. This is an ideal situation to read to the kids some of the classics from our childhood like “The Chronicles of Narnia”, or build them a cozy nook and let them dig into some of their favorites. 

24.Make Up Stories Then Act Them Out
For kids that are ready to take the next step, encourage them to write out or make up their own stories, then dress up and act them out. 

25.Practice Their Instrument
Have a budding musician? Encourage them to practice during this dedicated down time. 

For doll lovers, bring down the box of Barbies or baby dolls and help your little dress them up. 

27.Legos/ Building Blocks/ Lincoln Logs
Break out the box of legos or blocks and challenge your kids to build a castle or palace. Watch their imagination take shape. 

Little girl dancing on the beach
28.Tell Stories From Your Childhood
Kids love listening to your childhood stories. Remember storm experiences with your family? Retell how you made it through. 

29.Browse Photo Albums

Head to the book shelf and recount your favorite memories from your life and theirs. 

Spend time being mindful with deep stretching and breathing.
31.Indoor PE
Jumping jacks, push ups, sprints. Get creative and wear them out.

32.Photo Art Challenge
Come up with a photo challenge and have your kids shoot an art series. 

If teachers sent them home with homework, send them to work.

Mandatory nap time isn’t such a bad thing. 


All shapes and sizes love puzzles. Engage their young minds. 


Each member of the family can take a turn choosing a movie to watch. 

37.Transform a Cardboard Box

Find an old Amazon Prime box and give them a pack of crayons and stickers. 

38. Slime/Putty

Kids love feeling different textures. While at the dollar store, stock up on slime, and putty for kids to enjoy. 

39. Eye Spy and Flashlight Find

Start at A and work your way through the alphabet. If you don’t have power, use flashlights to identify items. Bonus points if it’s not a toy. 

40. Stock Up at the Dollar Store

You can find all sorts of treasures at the Dollar Store. Stock up pre-storm and hide the stash. Then bring out new things throughout the hunker down time. 

41. Get Physical

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Arm Wrestling, Thumb wrestling, Twister, find games that get their wiggles out. 

42. Create an Obstacle Course

My kids love getting creative with unique obstacles to relay through. 

43. Make Noise Makers

Grab a jar and some beans or marbles and have kids make a noise maker. When things feel intense have the kids make noise for a few minutes to “scare away the storm” and release their nerves. 

44. Learn Card Tricks

Check out Youtube or  find a book at the library. This is a great time to teach them to take the time they need to perfect their skills. 

45. Potty Train

Have a toddler and haven’t found the time to potty train. This could be the two to three days of dedicated time you were looking for. 

46. Catch Bubbles in Cups

Kids love bubbles and will enjoy catching them in plastic cups.

47. Journal
Have your kids document the experience of hunkering down and getting through the storm complete with all the memories they made. 




Have a great idea to add to the list? Make sure to reach out in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list. 


Until then…


Enjoy the Journey!


xo- Amy West





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