5 Adventures for The Brave | Would You Dare?
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Bored with the typical vacation itenerary? These days extreme travel destinations are more and more in demand. Experience a once in a lifetime bucket list destination, and leave with one heck of a story when you dare to accomplish one of these 5 adventures. 

1. Travel on the Titanic II

Launching in 2018, the Titanic II will be as close to an exact replica of the first Titanic as you can get. Don’t worry though, they made a few adjustments to make it safer, think more life boats for starters. Commissioned by wealthy Australian business man Clive Palmer, the 300 million dollar Titanic II’s maiden voyage will travel from China to Dubai. After the Titanic’s doomed voyage so many years ago it begs the question, “Would you Dare?”
2. Silfra Rift, Iceland
Scuba dive in some of the clearest water on earth in the Silfra Rift off Iceland’s coast. In this 30 degree fresh water you’ll don a dry suit and make your way between two tectonic plates where you can physically touch both the American and Eurasian Continents. Glacier water is responsible for the incredibly clear (and freezing) water. Would you dare to brave the frigid cold to be two places at once? 

3. Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls
Would you dare to travel to one of the seven natural wonders of the world and swim to the edge? At the famed Devil’s Pool you can do just that. Open between mid August and January when the Zambezi water levels are just right, the Devil’s Pool is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in a lifetime. Trained guides will take you as far as you can go by boat, then you will swim to a natural pool at the edge of the falls. With safety measures in place, and guides nearby you can lounge in a natural formed seat at the edge of the cliff and stare at the abyss as the falls plunge to the earth below.

Ice Tunnels in Argentina
Image provided by Turismo & Gestion

4. Ice Tunnels on Mount “La Torta”, Argentina
Accessible only during the Argentinian summer around January and February, the Ice Tunnels on “La Torta” are a rare sight indeed. A natural formation caused by an inversed melting process, the Ice Tunnels on Mt La Torta are an adventure to get to. This four to five hour tour includes a drive by 4×4 up the mountain followed by a medium difficulty hike. Finally you arrive at the striking natural phenomenon for an experience few will ever see. Would you dare to journey to the Andes and discover this site for yourself? For $1,000 you can do just that. 

5. Mt Huashan in China

Known as the “Deadliest Hike on Earth”, Mt Huashan’s Plankroad in the Sky has become a popular attraction for adventurous tourists. Recently the hike has received some safety upgrades, but that doesn’t make it any less harrowing. Take a cable car up the mountain and brave this thirty minute hike which includes a wood plank trail, steep staircases, vertical ascents and safety harnesses. This is a two way trail so be prepared to clip in and out as other hikers make their way around you if you dare.

A 30 degree swim, a death defying hike a mile up, or tempting fate by sailing on the replica of one of the biggest maritime tragedies. Which of these would you dare to accomplish? Let me know in the comments below!

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