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Nail Wraps – Why I Love Them

Confession. I am the worst at keeping up with my nails. Maybe it’s my background as a spa professional and the need to always have clean nails, maybe it’s my experience as a model and the need to always have natural toned nails, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m a busy mom on the go and manicures just simply don’t last with the hands on work I do. Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly a weakness. I may know how to dress, do my hair, and makeup and be ready for “the scene” but sadly my nails tell their own tale. So when I heard about a new solution for fashionable nails that was affordable, trendy, and lasts way longer than a manicure, I had to check it out for myself and report back to you with my “Trend Report”. 

5 Reasons to Love 
Jamberry Nails

Jamberry vs Sally Hansen

1. Trendy and Affordable
First on my review I tried the Jamberry Challenge. I wore nail polish for one week with one Jamberry nail wrap. The idea was to compare how well the polish held up against the wrap after a week. Not surprisingly, the wrap won hands down. While the polish was chipped within a day or two, the wrap looked brand new after a week.

Without fail, every day people were grabbing my hands to look at my nails. Never have my hands received so much attention. I wasn’t even trying to show them off, the wraps just speak for themselves.

Something for every style. 
After a week, the polished nails
were a sad sight. 

Jamberry has hundreds of prints and styles available from natural “french manicure style” to graphic and delicate prints that would be impossible to create by hand. Whatever your personal style may be, there is something that fits everyone for every season.

Worried about price? Don’t be, one sheet = up to 12 weeks of pretty nails. That comes down to less than $4 per application, or less than $2 per week. I believe those stats beat your average nail salon by leaps and bounds. Ask my consultant Priscilla Jones about deals and specials (lots of great party hosting benefits too).

Jamberry has hundreds of styles. I chose these nautical inspired selections for my family Cruise!

2. Perfect for the Girl on the Go
As much as I love to be pampered, my schedule doesn’t a lot much time for that luxury. I also don’t have time to do my nails at home and sit while they dry, this always leads to disaster (can I get an amen?). I was able to apply the wraps quickly in my home on my schedule, with no worries on dry time. These wraps lasted through work outs, pool, beach, and a very eventful cruise. According to Jamberry the wraps last up to six weeks on toes, and two weeks on fingers. They also have lots of tricks and tips on line to help you get the most out of each set. Surprisingly enough, you can even use them over artificial nails too!

One of my favorite things about Jamberry is that their parties can be done online, through facebook. I loved this cyber approach to discovering what the wraps were all about. Again, perfect for all the busy ladies I know.

3. Juniors Wraps

One of the frustrations with doing my own nails is that my munchkin usually demands hers be done too. Which usually ends up with mine getting ruined in the process. Or requiring me to do them at night when she is in bed risking them being ruined at night when I’m in bed and they surely aren’t dry still after 2 hours… sheesh. So imagine my glee when my consultant Priscilla told me they offer juniors sizes for children! The heavens rejoiced for little girl prints. Which leads me to my next very important fact.

4. Non Toxic

I guess I never really thought about it… again I’m a delinquent when it comes to nails, but imagine my surprise when I ran across this article about how toxic polish and polish removal are. And here I was allowing my child to wear polish and very often she is chewing it off her fingers! Thank goodness Jamberry puts the public’s health as a priority. All wraps are non-toxic, and formaldehyde-free. They are also Vegan and never tested on animals. For those with latex, and gluten allergies, you are in the clear. Looking for a laquer that’s safe? Jamberry also offers “5-free” laquer colors (free of the 5 major toxins) that can be worn alone or to coordinate with their fashionable nail wraps. 
Jamberry Nail Wraps are Non-Toxic

After a week on the cruise,
these still looked brand new.

5. No Nail Bed Damage
 Bonus! When you remove the wraps they will not damage your nail bed, which has always been my pet peeve with acrylic nails and other nail alternatives. I put it to the test removing them after my cruise and my nails look perfect! Really what is not to love?

Just like Mommmy

Give them a try and take the challenge for yourself! They also make great gifts for all your favorite lady friends!

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Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


Check out this video for Jamberry’s official application process.

Here’s my short video on how I applied them. The heat helps seal them to your nail.

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