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After I had my daughter I felt lost. The lifesaver that pulled me out of the “new mom island of isolation” was the support of other moms going through the same overwhelming challenges as me. It is this spirit of community that has propelled Jax Stroller Strength to success, and with so many moms signing up, I thought it was time to go check it out for myself as part of my “Fitness Trends” series.

What I learned is that this isn’t your momma’s work out. These ladies dig in, are not afraid to sweat, and are serious about meeting their goals. Here are my…

 5 Steps to Becoming a Fierce Momma with 
Jax Stroller Strength

1. Bring Your Baby
That’s right my friends, this is a unique style of work out that integrates you and your lil-kins. Some gyms offer child care but only from a certain age up, and if you are a parent, you know that not all kids are into the whole child care scenario. Stroller Strength works with your lifestyle and surrounds you with other moms and kids offering additional moral support, and maybe even a helping hand with Jr while you’re trying to execute that grueling side plank.

Fresh air and side planks go well together

2. Enjoy the Sunshine
Jax Stroller Strength group fitness classes are all performed outside in the fresh air at local parks throughout the city. This means ample space to run around for the kiddos while you are working on that beach bod. Play day for everyone hurray!

3. Stroller Optional
This fitness trend is not limited to parents, although it does cater to them. If you have an older kid and don’t have a stroller anymore, no worries, all you need is a yoga mat, 5 or 8 lb weights, and water and snacks for your kids.

Enjoy the support of other moms as you meet your goals

4. Find New Friends
Nothing will break the ice like a few pull ups and a set of jump squats. I love that in this large group of diverse ladies, there is no feeling of intimidation. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the energy upbeat as you travel through out the park working on each activity. Many of the ladies I know have been a part of Stroller Strength for several years and with more than one child. It’s priceless to have a community that encourages a healthy outlet for friends, fitness, and family. As owner Mary Lauren explains it, this is her passion. It’s in her blood to help moms and kids pursue a healthier life emotionally and physically.

Motivation in an non threatening environment

5. Push Yourself
Do you have fun? Yes! Do your kids? Absolutely! Is it easy? No way. I consider myself pretty fit as I’ve spent many years hitting the gym and pressing my limits, but this class seriously engaged me on all levels. Stroller Strength was designed to give you a full body work out by professional trainers. Not only will you exceed your perceived limits, you won’t get bored, and you most certainly will not be lonely.

Professional training for all levels of fitness

Bonus!! In addition to the classes, I love that Stroller Strength performs regular “Challenges” created to motivate you to reach that BIG GOAL you’ve been striving for, complete with prizes! They also have fun events like Moms Night Out and yoga classes.

I admire their mission of “taking you as you are”. Classes are catered to the individual and there is no level of fitness however big or small they can’t accommodate. Need more incentive? How about a free class? That is how much owner Mary Lauren and her team are committed to supporting and encouraging new moms to get connected and reach their goals. Classes are held daily during the week. Sign up today, and as they say “Lead by Example. Get fit. Have fun!”. What better way to show our young ones that staying healthy is as important as it is fun.

Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

More great images of my Stroller Strength experience can be found here.