5 Things that Surprised Me about My 30 Day Challenge and the Results to Prove It!
Thirty something days ago I challenged you to join me in a 30 Day Challenge given to me by my close friend and personal trainer Marie Merritt of Momentum Fitness and Health Studios
Great results in 30 Days!
It was a great thirty days full of ups and downs, and ultimately great results. I did find a few surprises along the way though, like….

1. I didn’t realize how many special events I was going to have to make it through. 
When I decided to do this I mistakenly thought I didn’t have any occasions coming up until Thanksgiving. Apparently I forgot to check my calendar. Here are a few of the things I went to during my 30 days…
Baby Shower
 My 9 year Anniversary
Chili Party
Date Night
Meaning I had to say no to goodies like this….
Just Say No…

Ultimately this was good though because that’s real life. What I was trying to do was improve my lifestyle. So I was surprised…

2. I didn’t miss eating those things. 

Instead I ate things like this…
Walnuts and almonds
and this…

Homemade Thai Lettuce Wraps 
and this
Turkey Burger with avocado, and tomato salad
and this…

Bananas with almonds and natural peanut butter. 

 I was incredibly satisfied and felt amazing! Any bloating I had went away, and my energy went up. My body just felt like it was functioning at it’s peak, and really after the first 14 days it was so easy.

3. After my cheat day I was begging to go back on the program. 
I couldn’t wait to have my cheat day and indulge in wine, sweets, bread, and gooey cheese! But at the end of the day it took it’s toll. I wanted to collapse on the couch and fall asleep. I couldn’t wait to get the garbage out of my system and fuel my body with life again!

 4. I’m stronger than I think. 
Working out 3 times a week for almost 3 years, I’m pretty strong. Fueled by the right foods, I was able to go up a class in weights.

Moving on up in weights. 

Between my routine and the eating right, I’ve been incredibly fueled by the results. Which is why it surprised me that.

5. I’m ready for another!
I’ve been a perpetual dieter pretty much since I was 10. Here is an embarrassing photo to prove it.

 By my early 20s I knew I wanted to make health and fitness a priority in my life. With the birth of my daughter I knew I wanted her to grow up knowing her parents are fit and healthy, and help establish those healthy habits in her. I have tried a lot of things, but none have worked so well and been so freeing as this challenge. That’s why I’m ready for another! Who’s with me?

So What did I do????
Lots of work like this!
My plan consisted of two things:
1. Working out three times a week.
I would love to see you in the gym with me at Momentum with Marie, however I know that isn’t always doable for everyone out there. Getting moving is though, so start there! Honestly I could have done even more to help my results like getting regular cardio, but in this busy season I kept to the weight room.
Just your average super hero
2. Eating Clean.
There are many different methodologies to eating clean. I learned about Marie’s eating plan about a year ago. It worked for me then, and it worked for me again this past month. Even after this year when my metabolism needed a kick in the pants thanks to turning 30 I mean 29. This blog really isn’t long enough to give you all the specs on what is involved but you saw the images. I’ve been eating good, and I was never hungry, and I never counted calories. To learn for yourself what is included in Marie’s eating plan, you can order it here on LLWN special for only $14.99.

This girl knows her stuff!

After 30 days I know you are ready to see some before and afters! I chose not to weigh myself as I only sabotage my efforts when I focus on numbers. Instead I chose to let the images speak for themselves and let my clothes be the ultimate judge. I was not disappointed. 
Much leaner abs

Waist is trimmer.

Flatter tummy
Big difference in the back

Thanks for following along! Let me know if you are joining in my second installment of the 30 Day Challenge! We will get it started December 2nd.
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West