5 Travel Resolutions for 2014
Gloria Powell from On the Go with Glo has quickly become a respected peer in the travel, entertainment, and blogging industry. After finding me online we’ve struck up a quick friendship. Gloria even interviewed me for her blog here. I asked Gloria if she would like to guest blog for me and I’m so glad she did! I love these 5 Travel Resolutions! How many will you adopt this year? 

5 Travel Resolutions for 2014

Gloria from On the Go with Glo 
Yes, it’s that time of year again, that time where we all make resolutions for the New Year and promise to keep them. Have you set your travel resolutions yet? Here are a few you might want to make and some tips on how to make them last. 
1. Learn a new language. 
Learning and mastering a foreign language is a great motivation to travel. In this day in age there are tons of ways to start studying. You can invest in a class at your local community college, study at your own pace using a program like Rosetta Stone or even find a YouTube channel, there are tons of great channels! Whatever resources you use, make it a point to follow through. There’s no greater satisfaction than learning a language and showing off your hard work when you reach your destination.

Learn a new language

2. Become a tourist in your hometown. 
If you can’t afford to take a trip abroad don’t despair, instead take advantage of the wealth of tourism right in your hometown. Check out your city’s tourism page and find some fun events to attend. Try a new local restaurant, or take a drive through a new neighborhood and discover a hidden gem. It’s easy to miss out on the beauty of your hometown when you’re longing for destinations afar, so take the time to uncover your city for the first time!
Become a tourist in your hometown
3. Start a travel savings account. 
Finances can be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to making your travel dreams reality. Starting a savings account exclusively for your travel plans is a great way to ensure that money will not be a hindrance. Deposit a small amount weekly into your account; you will be surprised at how far a little goes when it’s time to book your itinerary!

4. Be adventurous!
When you head to your next destination, challenge yourself to try something out of your comfort zone. Try different foods, go on a wild excursion, and meet new people. This is time to discover new things not only about another destination but about you as well, so take advantage of the freedom and put yourself out there. 

5. Stop making excuses.
We’re all guilty of putting our travel dreams off. After all, there’s work, there’s money and there’s a billion other reasons that keep us from moving forward. Don’t spend another year making excuses. Instead, find a solution and implement that into action. There’s a vast world out there waiting to be discovered don’t waste it staying in one place! 

No Excuses! Do it!

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I’m adding several of these to my list for the New Year. How about you?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO- Amy West