5 Ways to Savor the Holidays in Jacksonville with Coravin

I’m passionate about the craft of wine making from the vine to that very first taste of the bottle. This season I’m celebrating the relationship of that special glass of wine with the exceptional holiday moments I treasure. I’ve partnered with Coravin this holiday season to curate five Jacksonville “Coravin Moments”. Read on to discover what matters most to me this season. 

Moment 1: Wine Tasting at Town Hall

I reside in Jacksonville, Florida and I began the season at Town Hall Jax for wine tasting with Coravin. I love that Coravin gives you the freedom to savor a glass of wine, without having to drink the entire bottle. At Town Hall Jax I was able to enjoy vintages by the glass that traditionally could only be purchased by the bottle. Thanks to Coravin we now have the freedom and accessibility to enjoy the wine we want when we want it. Now that’s a moment truly worth celebrating.

Moment 2: Hive Society Work Party

The Holidays are such an important time to look back at the year and celebrate the trials and achievements we’ve worked so hard for. This year I celebrated with Coravin and a few of my closest colleagues as we come together for a moment of gratitude to recognize all we’ve accomplished together. We gathered at another one of my favorite local restaurants, 3 Palms Grille. The Coravin Wine Preservation System makes the ideal gift. Show your appreciation to your wine enthusiast friends and family with a Coravin System. If they are already a fan and owner of a Coravin, it’s a great time to purchase some of the fun Accessories such as the Aerator or Screw Cap to enrich their moments with Coravin.  

Moment 3: House Party

There’s no moment more special than gathering with your closest friends and family and celebrating the joy they bring to your life. Coravin gives me the freedom to cater to my guest’s individual needs by ensuring they enjoy the wine they prefer, rather than just what’s open. With Coravin the bottle doesn’t need to be corked, and if there’s still wine left, it will save for the next moment I decide to offer it to a guest. No more wasting wine, Coravin ensures the glass is always half full when you enjoy freedom by the glass. 

wine shopping

Moment 4: Holiday Wine Shopping 

I find that my taste for wine is determined by the wine region I traveled to most recently. This holiday I’m shopping for wines that bring to life the treasured moments I experienced this year in Italy, France, and Oregon. I decided to hunt for these unique vintages at one of my favorite local wine shops, The Wine Warehouse in Atlantic Beach. From a rare reserve to a classic “go-to”, you can make the most of the wine you serve this holiday by enjoying freedom by the glass with Coravin. Whether you’re serving a Pinot Noir from Oregon, or an Italian Pinot Grigio, you have the freedom of pouring a glass without having to pull the cork. Just taste, sip, and save for that next special moment. 

Moment 5: Family Time

and Deck the Chairs 

Adventure is always a delight, but sometimes the thing I crave most is the comfort of home and time spent with my family. One of our favorite holiday traditions is to spend a moment around the fire pit telling stories from our week, and laughing at each other’s jokes. We enjoy savoring a glass of wine around the warmth of the flames then riding our bikes to the beach to enjoy Deck the Chairs, a unique Jacksonville Beach celebration that brings in local businesses to decorate the iconic lifeguard chairs our beach is known for. It’s always fascinating to see how creative the local sponsors get, and the community comes together to share holiday cheer while interacting with the displays. Coravin gives us the flexibility to enjoy a glass and come back to our bottle later without having to worry it will go bad.

Anything that enhances our life and saves us time and money, gives us more time to treasure with our loved ones. That’s a moment worth sharing. 

Enjoying the Journey!

xo- Amy West