6 Things You Must Do at Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Our recent visit to Four Seasons Resort Nevis was an absolute dream. Before working with the resort, I must admit, I had never heard of the island before. Like many people, I knew of it’s sister island St Kitts, but had no idea the two together make up one nation. Yes, Nevis is the little sister of St Kitts, but don’t let her size fool you. This destination is full of natural wonder, pristine beaches, and plenty of romance. You might be tempted to think all islands are pretty much the same, however I can assure you they are all unique with one of kind charms and attractions. Here are just a few of our favorite things to do at Four Seasons Resort Nevis. 

a beach bar on Nevis Island
Grab a drink at Kastaway Bar, the ultimate “Toes in the Sand” bar

Enjoy a Kastaway Smash

It could be argued that you’re not officially on “Island Time” until you’ve begun your vacation with a tropical drink crafted with the official spirit of the island’s. Indeed, if you are looking for a rum filled concoction, head to the resort’s new Kastaway Bar and order up it’s signature Kastaway Smash. Created with four different kinds of rum you can be sure this sweet creation will officially put you in “Vacation Mode”. Relax under the shade of an umbrella, sink your toes in the sand, and toast to getting away from it all. 

Tip: Pair your tasty Kastaway Smash with a Kastaway Roll. Decadent sushi straight from the sea. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. 

the foot soak ritual during the Nevisian massage
Head to the Spa for the signature Nevisian Massage

Head to the Spa for a Signature Nevisian Massage

Traveling can be stressful. Embrace the journey and reward yourself with the resort’s signature Nevisian Massage. When you prepare to unwind the service will begin with a foot soaking ritual that includes a sugar scrub (a nod to the island’s long history in the sugar trade), as well as native botanical ingredients. Customize your treatment by selecting the essential oil fragrance you love best, and let your troubles melt away.  As the service comes to a close you’ll be brought back to the present with the gentle chime of a tropical steel drum. 

Tip: Make sure to enjoy the spa amenities including the hot water pool, and the invigorating cold water reflection pool. A full menu of healthy refreshments is also available when you are ready to refuel. 

off-road vehicles at a historic site on Nevis Island
Take and island adventure off-road

Tour the Island Off-Road

Get to know the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton in the most adventurous way possible. Have the resort reserve an ATV tour for your party with Funky Monkey Tours and head off-road. See more of Nevis’ untouched natural beauty in the form of white sandy beaches, and tropical rainforests. View historic landmarks and century old ruins of a sugar industry that once dominated the landscape. There is no more exciting way to take in the island while immersing yourself in it’s bio-diversity and history. 

Tip: Remember to bring your license for a chance to take a turn in the driver’s seat.  

a sea turtle is released at Four Seasons Resort, Nevis
Join the Sea Turtle Night Watch for a bucket list experience. Photo by BenJHicks

Join the Sea Turtle Night Watch

As a part of the West Indies, Nevis is home to many tropical wonders. One of these natural wonders is the majestic Sea Turtle. The beaches of Nevis Island are well documented to be nesting grounds for this noble marine animal. In celebration of this, Four Seasons Resort Nevis holds an annual Sea Turtle Conservation weekend every year. During the event, the Sea Turtle Conservancy humanely captures and tags a sea turtle found nesting on the beach, and returns it to the sea the following morning. Guests are invited to join the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the Nevis Turtle Group, and staff from the resort as they comb the beach at night looking for a nesting female. This bucket list event is a unique way to experience the magic of the island and a once in a lifetime story to tell if you happen to be there when they do find the turtle. Whether you join the night watch or not, if the turtle is captured, it’s a special sight to see as a huge crowd gathers the next morning to celebrate the creatures return to it’s watery home. 

Tip: If you join the night watch be sure to leave your devices behind and wear dark clothing, as the turtles are extremely sensitive to white light. 

a Beach Cabana at Four Seasons Resort, Nevis
Reserve a Beach Cabana for the Day

Reserve a Beach Cabana for the Day

Once you experience a Beach Cabana for a day, you wont ever go back. Truly the ultimate luxury, in one of the resort’s Cabana’s, you can have it all. Enjoy a fully stocked mini fridge full of your favorite beverages. Order lunch and a glass of wine and dine with a view of your own little slice of beach. Private chairs are reserved by the water, as well as just in front of your Cabana, in addition to a hammock just for you. Want some privacy? Put up your do not disturb flag and close the Cabana doors. No need to go back to your room for anything. Enjoy a nap, nosh all day, and drink to your happiness. It truly is a vacation “must-have”. 

Tip: Reserve your Cabana well in advance, they book up fast. 

Amy West views Nevis Island aboard a Catamaran
Make Memories on a Catamaran Cruise

Make Memories on a Catamaran Cruise

There is no better way to experience the islands by water than on a Catamaran Cruise. Sail away on a private charter for the afternoon and bask in the romance of the tropics. This is truly one of my happiest places to be. Crystal blue water surrounds you as the crew lifts the sails, and the ocean breeze dances through your hair. Relax over the water and enjoy the refreshing mist of sea spray as you take in the stunning vista’s of Nevis and St Kitts. The island party atmosphere is as contagious as the rhythm of music in the air. As the Captain makes his way to a private alcove you’ll enjoy snorkeling, and swimming in the clear Caribbean water where you’ll observe colorful fish, coral, and maybe even a sea turtle or two. It’s a magical memory, and one you’ll want to make a tradition of I guarantee.
Tip: Don’t forget your sunscreen my friends, the UV exposure here is intense.
There was so much to love at Four Seasons Resort Nevis. After five nights I was so smitten it was truly sad to leave. If you haven’t experienced the island before, plan your trip now. This island is growing in popularity and it wont be long before everyone is talking about it.
Until then….
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Although I was a guest of Four Seasons Resort Nevis, all words and opinions expressed in this blog are my own.
Nevis Island at sunset
Sunset in Magical Nevis
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