7 Bloggers & Influencers from the First Coast You Should Be Following
Influencers to Follow
As a member of the blogging/travel writing community I feel so privileged to rub shoulders with some incredibly talented and influential creatives on a regular basis. Because this is every day life for me, I’m always shocked when folks don’t know who some of these influencers are. That’s where the inspiration for this post came from. If you didn’t know, now you do. These talented, strong women all live in North Florida just like me. They are influencing not just our community, but the world in fashion, travel, and lifestyle. These ladies are making our lives a little bit easier, and a whole lot more beautiful with every post. They make it look easy, but make no mistake, doing what they do is hard work that requires time and commitment to their craft as well as their audience. I’m inspired by them daily, and I hope you will be too!

Danielle Downing
Danielle Downing is a pioneer in the fashion blogging community.
Danielle Downing has been a pioneer in the blogging community for more than a decade. She was one of the first to lay the ground work in the fashion blogging world, and developed a loyal following that tuned in weekly for her posts on what’s trending in fashion and beyond. Spring boarding off that successful following, when instagram blew up, so did she. It’s no surprise she is now one of the top performing fashion bloggers in the world. Harnessing tools like LiketoKnow.it , Danielle continues to influence her followers in the world of fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Log into her snapchat account or instagram and find her at a new exotic destination several times a month. When I first began blogging, it was Danielle who took the time to encourage my efforts and find the framework to make it a business. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, Danielle brings inspiration and joy to all that follow her.
Musings of a Curvy Lady
Thamarr is the creator of Musings of a Curvy Lady.

2. Musings of a Curvy Lady

I met Thamarr at a media event for Nordstrom a few years back and her positive and joyful nature really stuck with me. I’ve been following her impressive blog ever since. Thamarr’s feminine ensembles are colorful happy. As the name of her blog implies, she features outfits fit for curves and does a lovely job at that. In fact, her work has been featured in Redbook, Refinery 29, Vanity Fair, and Essence just to name a few. Follow Thamarr for daily doses of positivity, humor, and all out fabulousness.


Alyson Haley with Sequins and Things
Alyson Haley began her blog Sequins and Things on the First Coast.

3. Sequins and Things

Alyson Haley (or Haley as she’s known to her friends) is another fashion blogger based on the First Coast who is doing big things. Recently splitting her time between her home town and her travels abroad, Haley’s chic sense of style has gained the attention of fashionistas world wide. According to Haley, her blog began as a hobby and with time and commitment became a full time job. She left her job as a nurse and has never looked back. Follow Haley for all things style, travel, and beauty related.


Lyndsay Almeida
Lyndsay Almeida covers fashion, DIY, travel, and more.

4. Lyndsay Almeida

Lyndsay Almeida’s is a creative with loads of talent. Whether you are a DIY fanatic, fashion maven, or travel enthusiast you will find plenty to entertain you on Lyndsay’s blog. When she isn’t photographing First Coast families, you might find her thrifting for vintage steals, or snagging some donuts with her husband and son. Watch Lyndsay’s lifestyle and DIY contributions on River City Live, or subscribe to her posts for quirky family recaps that will have you LOLing. Lyndsay is another personal friend of mine, and I love absorbing fresh fashion inspiration from her and laughing with her as she shares her crazy family shenanigans.
Laura Morey
Laura Morey is the creator of Simple Solutions Diva

5. Simple Solutions Diva

Whether it’s sharing a new crock pot recipe, tips on making your house less cluttered, or DIY advice for a better holiday, Laura Morey’s mission is to make your life easier. Her Simple Solutions will give you just the right short cuts to lower your stress level and increase your time spent doing what you love. Following Laura is like hanging out with your best friend. Her friendly advice is both reliable and easy. She’ll have you wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?”.
Angie Orth
Angie Orth is the creator of Angie Away.

6. Angie Away

Once upon a time Angie Orth slaved away at her PR desk job in NYC. After saving tirelessly, she quit her day job for a year long trip around the world. Six years later she is still traveling the globe. Angie’s work as a freelance writer, blogger, host, and PR expert keep her busy, as does her recent marital bliss. Cultivating her “Roots and Wings” philosophy, lately Angie has also delved into the world of lifestyle and DIY. Follow Angie for her wit, and Southern Sensibility, as well as her coverage of amazing destinations world wide. You never know where she’ll pop up next!
Brooklyn Gabby
Follow Brooklyn Gabby on Instagram, Youtube, and Musical.ly

7. Brooklyn Gabby

I first met Brooklyn a few years back when I photographed her head shots as an actress. Fast forward a few years and this girl is a big time online influencer. Working with household brands like Guess, this girl next door turned model keeps it real with funny youtube videos and a massive Musical.ly following. Tune into her social media sites to find her jet setting across the states to walk the runway and attend major fashion events. All the way she stays humble, sweet, and fun. An example I’m happy to have my daughters follow, Brooklyn is the real deal. She is authentic, kind, and smart not to mention stunningly beautiful.

Following these amazing ladies will enrich your life. Check out their websites, subscribe to their social media, and give them a shout out for all their hard work. They said they would do it, and they did. An accomplishment that should encourage all of us.

Know a local blogger I should follow? Let me know in the comments below.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

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