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Amy West maternity fashion
Comfort, practicality, and a whole lot of cuteness. Believe it or not, you can have it all when putting your ensemble together, although I will admit usually one of the three will get center stage. This casual look is a prime example of how you can accomplish all three when dressing the ever growing curves of motherhood. The great surprise of this look though, is that it wasn’t designed as maternity wear, which gives it great longevity in your closet. Read on for more details. 

Amy West in Anthropologie Sunglasses, jean jacket, necklace, and swing dress

The Details
 twa Munin Sunglasses Brown Motif One Size Eyewear • Anthropologie • $118
Anthropologie MIX PRT SWING DRESS W • Anthropologie • $138
Anthropologie Layered Beadwork Necklace • Anthropologie • $88
Pilcro Classic Denim Jacket Sprinkler L Jackets • Anthropologie • $138
FOREVER 21 Metallic Crisscross Sandals • Forever 21 • $17.90
Argento Vivo Stone Stud Earrings • Argentovivo • $58
Halogen® Patent Leather Clutch • Halogen • $78
Stia Couture Aqua-Chalcedony Gemstone Bracelet • $35
Stia Couture Gold Feather Bangle • $35

My Take

Dress: Even though my body is rocking some growing curves, it doesn’t mean everything I wear has to be purchased from a maternity store. One of my standards for purchasing new wardrobe pieces during this time is whether or not I can wear it after baby. I’m relatively confident this is my last pregnancy so I don’t want to have to get rid of every piece of clothing purchased for this short ten months (even if it seems like forever). I love this Antrho Mix Print Swing Dress for that very reason. It’s not a maternity dress but there is plenty of pleating and room for belly to grow. The comfy fabric is so delicious you really don’t want to take it off. And it’s flowy! What girl doesn’t love a flowy dress. Easy, breezy, and beach ready. 
Amy West in Anthropologie fashion
The dress comes in this blue and cream hibiscus print and also in a red coral pattern which I equally adore. I think the blue contrasts nicely with my new fiery mane by Rio Hair Studio though, don’t you? 
Amy West in Anthropologie swing dress, jean jacket, sunglasses, and necklace
Sunnies: I never leave the house without a solid pair of sunnies due to my sensitive blue eyes. I’m always looking to add to my collection and these from Anthropologie are fabulous! 

Amy West in Anthropologie swing dress, jean jacket, sunglasses, and necklace

Classic Denim Jacket: This Antrho denim jacket feels perfectly worn in. The kind of comfy you could live in all day.

Amy West in Anthropologie swing dress, jean jacket, sunglasses, and necklace

What’s more important to you when purchasing wardrobe pieces, comfort, practicality, or trendiness? Place your vote in the comments below. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Special thanks to:
Aimee Dodds for the stunning photography
 Rio Hair Studio for my amazing new hair color and cut

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