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Even though I’ve lived in Florida for more than twenty years, I still have so much on my Sunshine State bucket list to see and do. That’s one of the reasons why David and I love finding new adventures to experience together for our dates. On our latest date excursion we partnered with TripAdvisor in search of a watery adventure with plenty of sunshine and adrenaline.

The Sea Serpent Air Boat

As I began researching what adventure we’d try I headed straight over to TripAdvisor to plan. Not only are it’s millions of traveler reviews the best resource for travel insight, but it’s also the best place to actually book your attraction.

screen shot of TripAdvisor attraction booking
Plan and book your attraction directly from TripAdvisor

When reviewing our options I knew I wanted to do something on the water. Florida is known for it’s warm temps year around and the best place to cool off and have fun is on a boat. Researching couldn’t have been easier because all I had to do was select the city I was interested in and search specifically what I wanted. “Boat Tours” sounded like a great place to start and immediately the site populated all the boat tours available in the region.

Amy West and husband on the Sea Serpent air boat


From there all I had to do was compare details and browse the reviews. It didn’t take long for me to narrow down the St Johns River Air Boat Safari. I’m from the South, but up until now, I’d never experienced an air boat ride. Eager to check this one off the list, I went straight to booking.


A view of the St Johns River from the Sea Serpent Air Boat

After cross checking our schedule and ticket availability, I easily secured our tickets. Within seconds we had our confirmation and printable vouchers at hand. Now all we had to do was count down the days until our adventure (and decide what to wear of course).

Amy and David West take a selfie on an Air Boat
Our experience with the St Johns River Air Boat Safari on the Sea Serpent was thrilling. Captain Mike, the owner of Sea Serpent Tours has created a colorful and interactive tour. From tales of now departed Pirates, to in depth discussion on native plants and wildlife, we found Captain Mike to be as knowledgable and entertaining as he is friendly.


Amy West on the St Johns River

The Sea Serpent is indeed in a class of it’s own as it was the first Air Boat to ever boast a motor in addition to it’s powerful fan. This gives Captain Mike more freedom to navigate the small tributaries of the St Johns, as well as a welcome back up if technical difficulties ever arise with the boat’s chief means of momentum.

The coastal low lands of Florida

From the get go Captain Mike set the ambiance for us with a lively musical playlist amplified through our Air Boat headphones. On this playlist we also heard the tales of a Pirate Captain who passed long ago on the St Johns, as well as a greedy miser who was said to haunt the Southern waterway. The stories were complimented by stunning blue skies, and a glassy horizon. The Sea Serpent navigated the St Johns River, under the mossy coverage of ancient oaks, through swampy marshlands, and across protected lowlands. It was everything we imagined this iconic experience would be and more thanks to Captain Mike’s creative touches.

A view from the Sea Serpent of the St Johns River

Up until our helicopter trip earlier this year I had no idea you could book your attraction right on TripAdvisor’s website. Not only is it convenient, you also have access to VIP and skip-the-line tours. Plan ahead and take advantage of all the resources TripAdvisor has from reviews, to booking. It sure beats standing in line the day of an event while crossing your fingers it all goes well. Eliminate that stress and travel seamlessly thanks to TripAdvisor.

Amy West aboard the Sea Serpent Air Boat

Need to reschedule or move your date? You have access to TripAdvisor’s 24/7 customer service giving you quicker response to all of your questions and concerns. TripAdvisor really makes it so easy to plan your entire trip from accommodations, to things to do. Whether you’re on your desktop or mobile device you can plan and book whenever, wherever.

Pirate ship on the St Johns River
It was certainly one of our most lively dates, and one we aren’t soon to forget. In fact, I can’t wait to take the kids one day soon!
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
This post was created in collaboration with TripAdvisor. Although our trip was sponsored and paid for by TripAdvisor, all words and opinions expressed in the blog are completely my own. 


Amy West and Captain Mike of Sea Serpent tours


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