Azurea’s Adventurous Palate Review

Amy West experiences Azurea's Adventurous Palate Chef's menu.Just in time for their new spring menu release, I was recently invited to taste The Chef’s Adventurous Palate at One Ocean Resort’s restaurant, Azurea. Although we had visited Azurea a few times before (once for the filming of my TV show and the other for a review of their delightful Brunch), I had never had the pleasure of enjoying the personalized approach of the Adventurous menu. From start to finish the dinner was exceptional. Three courses of farm fresh fare prepared by some of the city’s most talented chefs. Read more for the full dish.

Chef’s menus are a great way to discover new flavor combinations and get away from your “usual” rut. Allow the talent in the kitchen to get creative and taste something unique. Azurea knows how to deliver the finest service and I was impressed that they catered the entire menu around my “expecting” needs. Being pregnant there are certain foods I’m supposed to avoid like anything raw, soft cheeses, and rare meat. Additionally the menu can be paired with wine by one of their Sommeliers and in my case I couldn’t enjoy but my husband could so they made me feel included by creating some clever “mock-tails” to compliment each course for me. 
The Adventurous Palate menu example from Azurea at One Ocean Resort and Spa
Azurea’s Adventurous Palate menu changes weekly with customization offered for dietary needs and restrictions. 
Refreshing Mock tail at Azurea.
One of the refreshing mock tails Azurea’s bartenders imagined up for me. This one was similar to a mojito with refreshing lime and mint. 
Miniature caprese salad to awake the tastebuds at Azurea.
This miniature caprese salad was used as a palate cleanser at the beginning of the meal to awake our tastebuds. Perfection!
Pea and mint soup at Azurea
This Pea and Mint soup was the perfect spring combination. Well balanced with just a hint of mint to contrast with the earthy taste of peas. Served chilled. 

Foie Gras tortellini at Azurea
This Foie Gras tortellini was the epitome of indulgence. Every bite was like a piece of heaven. 
Sorbet palate cleanser
Another palate cleanser. A delightful sorbet. 
Beef tenderloin medallions at Azurea
Beef tenderloin medallions. Tender and savory. 
Goat Cheese Cheesecake at Azurea
Humboldt Fog fromage blanc cheesecake by Pastry Chef James Victorino. So decadent and creamy.
Our experience with the Adventurous Palate was a journey through fresh fare, and flavorful combinations. The service was exceptional with our expert server also operating as a level two Sommelier. The Chef’s made our dinner even more special by explaining each dish and being available for any questions we had. Choosing the Adventurous Palate is much like traveling to a new destination. Each taste reflects the local regional fare, and each detail is thoughtfully created for the ultimate taste experience. 
Visit Azurea for exceptional fare, fantastic service, and a sophisticated ambiance with ocean views. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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