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The “Lady Who Lunches” series would not be complete without a feature on one of my very favorite lunch destinations, Ashes’ Boutique and Tea Garden in Jacksonville Beach. I covered the Tea Room on my show for my “Where the Locals” go episode, and love to bring my besties, or even my business meetings to this sweet little cottage.  I’ve witnessed little girl birthdays, baby showers, and even engagements happen within the walls of this shabby chic hideaway. If you want to shop, or get caught up on the latest in girly gossip, you should visit Ashes… Did I mention how tasty the food is?

Southern and Charming

Owner and Artist Dana Roby has clearly poured her heart into this “Best Kept Secret” in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Just a block from the coast in the center of the antiquing district of the beaches sits a quaint white cottage. If you simply strolled by you might think it was simply the sweetest little boutique you’ve ever seen. The front of the cottage is filled with delicate designs in hues of neutral whites, ivory, grey, and pink many personally illustrated by Dana herself. What you may not guess is that her treasures continue to the back of the cottage in the form of a quiet little tea room.  Named for Dana’s daughter Ashley (and the charcoal drawings that grace her boutique), Ashes is everything a southern belle should be… demure, feminine, hospitable, and smart. Truly, to know Ashes’ is to be smitten. 

Elegant and Intimate

The intimacy of the tea room draws you in and begs you come closer…closer to each other that is. Mothers reacquaint themselves with their daughters and children transform into young ladies as manners and etiquette take front seat to technology and the fast paced pressures of the world. Time seems to stand still as soothing music drifts through the light, airy room immediately calming your senses. I bring friends and business associates a like and something magical always seems to take place. The tinkling of teaspoons against china create their own rhythmic tune as sunlight shimmers through lace and tulle. Think tea time is just for the ladies? Not so, Ashes’ Tea Room invites the gentlemen in as well to enjoy the atmosphere and the company, as well as fill up on her consistently tempting plates. 

The perfect retreat from the day to day. 
Delicate and Delicious 
Ashes’ carries Harney & Sons Tea 

Dana closely guards her secrets when it comes to taste, but what can not be denied is the wholesome deliciousness each of her tea trays embodies. On the menu you’ll find traditional southern chicken salad on a buttery croissant, pimento cheese on cinnamon raisin bread, and cucumber-cream cheese combinations. Fresh fruit brings a vibrant pop of color to the neutral decor making it all the more mouth watering, and fresh green salads satisfy the lighter (and gluten free) palate. Nothing can compare to the perfectly bite sized scones, and decadent coconut cake, or tiny pecan tarts for dessert. The Harney & Sons Tea is full of flavor and quite addictive. My favorite blend is the Paris tea, a caramel/vanilla black tea. Every ingredient and menu item was specially selected for it’s quality, and flavor, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of her offerings.

Ashes’ fare is consistently tempting. A flavor profile I often crave.
On the menu:
Assorted Tea Tray, Cream Cheese Spread, Scones

Visit Ashes’ Boutique and Tea Garden for the perfect retreat from the day to day. You are sure to fall in love with all her sweet southern charms.

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Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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