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You’ve heard it said that the “Devil is in the Details”. I like to say the “Destination is in the Details”. It’s within the special ,sometimes overlooked details that the story is found. It’s how one property distinguishes itself amongst the rest and creates loyalty and admiration from it’s guests. Here are a few of my favorite details I consider best kept secrets that I recently shared on WJXT 4 News 4 Jax.

Best Kept Secrets of 5 Great Travel Destinations

One Ocean Resort is Very Pet Friendly

1. One Ocean Resort and Spa 
Luxury Ocean Front Resort in Atlantic Beach
– One Ocean Resort is extremely pet friendly.

– They are pleased to provide a dog walking service for your furry friends.
– One Ocean prepares made from scratch pet food. 
– Celebrity Dog Uggie from the Artist and Water for Elephants has been hosted by the resort. 

One Ocean Resort has hosted Celebrity Dog Uggie

2. Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa

Plantation Style Resort and Spa near Tallahassee
Jackie Kennedy is said to have been secreted away in the
Pansy Poe Cottage on Honey Lake.

– Honey Lake Plantation, true to its name, harvests its own honey on the plantation and they create custom blends of bourbons and whiskeys that they serve as cocktails and also use in a variety of dishes for a truly unique plantation-to-plate culinary experience.

– The Pansey Poe Cottage at Honey Lake Plantation has a neat piece of history that most don’t know about. Legend has it that following JFK’s assassination Jackie Kennedy was secreted in the Pansy Poe Cottage on the secluded shore of Honey Lake, which holds true to its original design today. 

Honey Lake harvests it’s own own for use in custom blends of bourbon and whiskey as well in prepared dishes.

Boutique Hotels and Resorts Geared Toward Millenials located in Orlando, and Miami

– Each property has a signature scent, specially designed for the resort

– Each property has a unique stuffed animal which is available for purchase.  When purchased, a portion of the proceeds are donated to saving endangered animals in a local conservation organization. 

B Hotels and Resorts have a signature fragrance for each property.
Beer and Wine is complimentary on board all ships

Award Winning River Cruises Serving Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa
– Each vessel has 25 bikes onboard.  Guests can use them to ride from one port to the next (if the ports are close enough)

– The line offers specific themed cruises which appeal to the interests of its sailers (for example, wine, beer and art themed cruises)  

– Beer and wine are complimentary on board all ships

Each Vessel has 25 bikes on board for sailors to take out to port

The First Full Service Resort for
the Margaritaville Properties

5. Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

First Full Service Resort for Margaritaville (slated to open summer 2015 in Hollywood Fl)
– Will have a FlowRider Double on the Ocean side of the property 

-There will be seven dining options, including JWB Prime Steakhouse and Seafood 
 (the first ever on a Margaritaville property)

– There will be 11,000 square feet of spa space called St. Somewhere Spa
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort will have a FlowRider Double on the Ocean side of the property
These unique details separate the best from the rest. I encourage you to dig deeper as you make your choices when traveling. It could be details like these that make your journey that much more memorable. 

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

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