Black Raven Pirate Ship Family Adventure with Dramamine(R) Non-Drowsy Naturals
There is nothing that inspires me quite like an adventure at sea. The romance, the sea mist, and the sunset all seduce me while setting the scene for memorable moments I’ll never forget. I’ve found however, that as I’ve gotten older, motion sickness has become a major set-back for me. As a mom and blogger, I’m constantly behind the camera capturing those iconic moments with the kids. This only serves to worsen my condition. Dramamine(R) has always been my go-to for motion sickness relief and it’s never let me down. For the first time Dramamine(R) has launched a non-drowsy, more natural product. As part of their #KeepItMoving campaign we were invited to take a family adventure and see how this new product rose to the challenge. Happily embracing that challenge, we set our course for St Augustine where the Black Raven Pirate Ship awaited.

Amy West and daughters in front of the Black Raven Pirate Ship in St Augustine
Before heading out the door for the short drive to St Augustine I took two Dramamine(R) Non-Drowsy Naturals as suggested. It came as no surprise to me that the main ingredient in the Non-Drowsy Naturals is ginger. Ginger has been used for centuries for its effectiveness with settling stomachs, and treating nausea along with many other benefits it’s known to have. I consume ginger regularly in my smoothies and juices for all its many advantages, so it was exciting for me to see the power of this ancient medicinal ingredient utilized in a household brand and travel staple. Recommended for children as young as 6, the Non-Drowsy Naturals are perfect for all your family travels.
A bottle of Dramamine(R) in front of the Black Raven Pirate Ship
Sisters peeking out the window of a pirate ship.

The family and I boarded the Black Raven Pirate Ship in St Augustine with much anticipation. This sunset cruise was sure to be full of laughs, lore, and perhaps some treasure!

Pirate aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship

As we stepped on board we met the pirate HiJack, our main host for the evening. This salty character had clearly seen his fair share of mischief. He and his pirate sidekick Scully gave us all the safety rundown as we got settled on the multilevel ship.

Little girl on board the Black Raven Pirate Ship

As a newly minted pirate crew, we passengers were instructed to keep a keen eye on the ship’s treasure. Before we had even set sail though, the rogue Captain Hook boarded our ship and took off with the mysterious treasure! There of course was only one thing to do. The Black Raven set sail down the Matanzas River to hunt down Captain Hook and our stolen treasure.

The Black Raven Pirate Ship goes through the Bridge of Lions

I enjoyed the unique perspective of this ancient city I had grown up visiting. Viewing its skyline and famous Bridge of Lions at sunset from the deck of a pirate ship is certainly a memory I will never forget.
Father and daughter play with a tambourine aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship


Navigating into the stronger current, I realized with pleasant surprise that I wasn’t dealing with any motion sickness at all. I’d been taking plenty of pictures and video by now so if it was going to set in, this would be the time, but clearly Dramamine’s(R) Non-Drowsy Naturals were doing their job. No need to take a break, I was ready to join in all the pirate-y fun.
Little girl watching the sunset aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship

As we sailed down the river we were entertained by the pirate’s slap-stick personalities. Each character took a turn spinning yarns of real life pirates and their adventures in times gone by framed with colorful pirate lingo and even a few rowdy songs. Our whole family joined in the chorus of Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho a Pirate’s life for me! After the entertainment, children were encouraged to train for the sword fight ahead when we would get our treasure back! They took turns practicing with the pirates and learning a secret pirate code word for once the battle had begun.

A Pirate Ship on the Matanzas River in St Augustine

Suddenly Captain Hook’s ship was upon us and we were receiving canon fire. The kids cheered as our pirates kept the other ship at bay and re-captured our treasure. The loot was divided fairly of course, and the kids all received their own portion of the booty.

Little girls getting their faces painted.

After face painting and more tunes and tales, we returned to our dock in the heart of St Augustine. Thanks to my Dramamine(R) Non-Drowsy Naturals, I’m happy to say I didn’t get motion sick even once. No time outs for mom while she settled her stomach, I was right there with the family, singing the songs, dancing and collecting the real treasure at sea, timeless memories with our kids.

Pirate HiJack aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship in St Augustine
I’ve honestly never thought about ginger as an aid for motion sickness but I’m so glad Dramamine(R) did! Now I know I can keep it moving no matter what adventure comes our way. By land or by sea, nothing is going to hold me back.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Amy West and family pose with pirates aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dramamine(R). The opinions and text are all mine.

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