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A boho beach ensemble from Anthropologie
Summer is creeping to an end, but if you’re a Floridian like me, you may be looking forward to several more months of sunshine and sand. I have a closet full of go to cover ups and sundresses, but when I saw these flowy beach pants I knew they had my name written all over them for my next outfit post. 

Amy West and children relax at the beach

Most folks flock to the beach on the weekend, but when you live at the beach, it’s all about those week day nights. With half the usual tourists lining the shore, there is plenty of room to spread out and run free. Our kids love playing in the tide pools and bringing out the hoola hoop to practice new tricks. 

Children play at the beach

mother and child at the beach
These beach pants from Anthropologie live up to their name. Extremely light weight and cool, they also dry very quickly after getting wet. I love the tiny pom pom fringe, so on trend this season. The t-shirt is from Anthropologie as well and is amazingly comfortable. I love the detailing along the neckline and the pin tucking in the back. 

 baby in a tide pool in Florida

sisters play at the beach

sisters play in the water at the beach

Amy West and daughter at the beach
The scarf was a great accessory, and a handy cover up for the little on after we shed those sandy clothes. Sometimes you plan to go swimming, other times you plan to go for a walk. Who are we kidding though? Children will always end up wet and sandy at the beach. 
Baby looking at the ocean

Beach PantsRed T-ShirtSunglassesBoho NecklaceScarf/SarongGirls Swim Suit (Similar)Earrings (Similar)  – Bracelet (Similar) – Lip Color 

What’s your go to beach ensemble? Love hearing your style tips in the comments below.

Until then…

Enjoy the journey!

xo- Amy West 

Special thanks to Tara Clemons for taking the photos
Rio Hair Studio for keeping my locks on point

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Amy West and kids at the beach

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