Classic Italian Fare at Forte Grille | Family Escape Series | Photos, Review
Classic Italian with a Family Friendly Feel
I recently featured 5 Ways to Enjoy Reunion Resort on the blog as part of our “Family Escape” series. Their restaurant Forte Grille arose as a shining star during our stay as we dined together as a family and experienced some of the best the Resort had to offer. Hearty, classic Italian dishes were served with an elegant finesse creating a beautiful contrast that still has my mouth watering. The iconic dishes kept on impressing as the shadows grew longer, leaving us all entertained, and appetites satiated. This being our first “family” dining review, we were eager to explore the menu, from adult to kids selections. What we tasted left us craving more…

At Forte Grill Stately Surroundings Impress while smiling faces welcome you in to sit down and get comfortable.

Impressive Family Friendly Dining

 Forte Grille – Orlando, FL

Lately I’ve been a part of an ongoing conversation among chefs in regards to fine dining and the rise of “casual fine dining”. Along with this topic is the desire for families to be able to go out and have a meal that is made with craft and creativity. The need for menus that serve a child’s palate but that aren’t afraid to branch out a bit and offer something for the growing taste buds of a future foodie. As a parent and foodie, I’m excited to teach my child the ropes of flavor fusion, contrast, and texture. I also enjoy teaching her to respect her surroundings and acknowledge the hard work, service, and care taken with a great meal, a beautiful restaurant, and those bodies that make it special. Forte was the perfect spot to teach her just this. While the adult menu was full of classic Italian favorites, the kids menu held munchkin friendly fare prepared with top quality ingredients like the “Mini Kobe Cheese Sliders”. 

We started with one of our daughters favs.
On the menu:
Calamari Fritte
tossed with fresh basil and lemon served with marinara

Impeccable Service

Impeccable Service at Forte Grill

When on vacation, parents don’t always want to be banished to the “all you can eat buffet” and sacrifice quality for quantity. Why waste hard earned dollars on something you can get out of a can, when instead you can add to the lasting memories you are already creating on vacation by setting the stage for a a culinary moment of bonding. Forte impressed me with her stately surroundings, and smiling faces. We didn’t feel at all like fish out of water with our four year old in tow. In fact, we felt like family. The service was exceptional with our every need met from the moment we sat down until we left. Our glasses were always full, our server was knowledgeable on every detail of the menu, and the management was eager to check on us and make sure we were well satisfied. Wine pairing suggestions were sublime, and while we are talking about it, what a selection! With over 250 treasures from around the world, you could easily lose track of time deciding which exceptional vintage would be yours for the evening.

Over 250 selections from the Cellar

Traditional Italian with Room for Creativity

On the menu:
Baby Spinach and Frisse Salad
spiced candied walnuts, dried figs,
black pepper and goat cheese dressing
Chef de Cuisine William McDonough was warm and friendly, as he discussed his passion for creating. Using traditional “old school” methods of preparing his creations by hand, he achieves what many destinations have begun to lose in execution. Simultaneously capturing the sentimental nuances of generations past, while finely crafting dishes with a modern twist. This traditional Italian menu features everything you would expect yet branches out with daily specials by the chef for the adventurous palate looking to mix it up. Look for best sellers on the menu like Filet, Rabbit, and my choice the Pan Seared Diver Scallops to surprise you with their hearty flavor, yet elegant plating. My scallops were light, perfectly cooked, and complimented with a lemon scented gnocchi that packed a mouth watering punch of flavor. 

On the menu:
Pan Seared Diver Scallops
lemon scented gnocchi, rainbow swiss chard
On the menu:
House Made Lemoncello
and Tiramisu
Whether you are staying at the Reunion Resort or just in the area, make sure to reserve a table at Forte Grille for an exceptional dining experience to remember. Dining with small children is always a little bit of a roller coaster, but in this case we discovered that the fastest way to reach a child’s heart might just be by filling their minds with great family memories, and filling their bellies with delectable food. We look forward to doing more of that in the near future. 
On the menu:
Chef’s Selection of Gelato

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

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