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The last few weeks have flown by. I can’t believe little London is six weeks old already. I’ve embraced every precious moment of her time as a newborn and I have to admit I’ve been surprised how much more laid back this experience has been compared to my first born. I think a lot of it has to do with not being a rookie parent. There is a certain amount of confidence that comes with having survived the trial by fire the first time around. Despite all that experience a lot has changed in the last five years and I’m enjoying some of the new products and tricks out there to keep baby and momma happy and content. This week I have a round up of my favorite products by NüRoo including their baby wearing shirt the NüRoo pocket

NüRoo Swaddler

Why I love it: London came out loving the swaddle. This was something we hadn’t experienced with our first. The nurses make it look so easy when you are in the hospital, wrapping baby up like a little burrito, but when you get home, it’s a little difficult to duplicate. NüRoo makes it easy for you with their lightweight stretchy fabric and functional design. Best of all this swaddle grows with baby. There are three sizes in one so you don’t have to keep purchasing new ones! 
Benefits: Swaddling is proven to help babies stay calm by mimicking the cozy feeling of the womb. This swaddle is easy to put on and take off, includes moisture wicking fabric, and grows with baby. 

Baby London wearing Nuroo baby swaddler

Baby London wearing the Nuroo baby swaddler
London loves her hands and tends to break out of the swaddle. NüRoo‘s swaddle is the most secure we’ve found yet.

Why I love it: I love that there is finally a nursing cover that also has function. There are so many ways you can wear this piece. Wearing it makes it one less thing to put in your already stuffed diaper bag. Additionally the fabric is so soft you will find yourself wrapping baby up to stay warm and cozy.  The secret behind all this functionality? The perfect length of fabric and some perfectly placed snaps. I chose this neutral print that goes with practically anything. I give this an A+ rating especially when it comes to traveling!
Benefits: A fashionable accessory that is there when you need it. Wear it as a scarf, a vest, a tunic, and more. Use it as a nursing cover or a cozy blanket for baby. 

Amy West wearing Nuroo nursing scarf

Amy West wearing the Nuroo nursing scarf

Why I love it: Designed to nurture skin to skin cuddling, this creative wrap shirt is quite comfy for mom and baby. I love that it allows me to wear baby hands free so I can do what I love best, create great content for you! Oh and do laundry… ahem. The perfectly placed velcro pieces secure baby snugly and the support belt keeps baby safely in place while continuing to adjust to your ever changing body and growing little one. In the back a mesh cutout allows for additional ventilation so all that snuggling doesn’t get you too steamy. 
Benefits: The benefits to wearing baby are lengthy including accelerated brain development for baby, less crying, and encouraged breastfeeding behavior. Moms may experience quicker postpartum recovery, increased milk production, and reduced risk of postpartum depression.

Amy West wearing the Nuroo Pocket
What will they think of next? I’m so grateful for helpful products like these that offer not only fashion, but function. Whether you are a parent to be or a friend or family member of someone expecting, I think you’ll agree that these NüRoo items deserve to be added to the must have list! 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Nuroo products
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