Cool Weather Layering with Sunuva Kids UV Swimwear & Beachwear

It’s winter in Florida, but let’s face the sunny facts, we still get 70 to 80 degree weather on a pretty regular basis. I’ll tell the truth, I don’t hate it. We love being able to ride our bikes, hike, and visit the beach on a regular basis while the rest of the country bundles up. There are, however, a few days Floridians feel the need to layer up, pull out our Uggs, and get cozy. Here’s how I keep my girls warm on the cooler days here in North Florida, while still maintaining that signature coastal style with Sunuva Kids UV Swimwear and Beachwear.  

Sisters playing together wearing Sunuva Kids UV Swimwear and Beachwear
Sienna is wearing the Girls Dreamcatcher Strappy Dress and the Girls Woven Band Cowboy Hat
London is wearing the Girls Aqua Cheesecloth Dress

Light Layers for Unpredictable Weather

When the week goes from 50 degree weather to 80 degree weather you never quite know what to expect. The majority of my girl’s closet consists of light layers we can put on or take off to make sure they stay warm enough, or cool enough depending on the time of day. These Sunuva pieces are ideal for just that, making sure my girls are ready for the beach, or a play date at the park. 

Little girl plays peekaboo wearing Sunuva

Little girl looking cool and stylish in Sunuva

Bright Colors for Coastal Cool Style 

It may be winter but when you’re at the beach, bright colors rule any time of year. I keep my girls playful style on point in colorful hues and interesting textures like this Aqua Cheesecloth Dress, and light Strappy Dreamcatcher Dress. 
Toddler girl wearing Sunuva Kids UV Swimwear and Beachwear

Sisters sit on the steps and enjoy lollipops in Sunuva

Ready for Fun at All Times

Sienna and London loved these matching Tie Dye Jersey Playsuits. Effortless and comfortable, they are perfect for a full day of fun. We added big sister’s jean jacket to London’s ensemble to take the chill off, creating a pretty adorable look for a Lollipop happy hour. Cheers!
Sisters wearing matching playsuits from Sunuva
The girls are wearing the Tie Dye Playsuits in Aqua and Sorbet Pink

Sisters play in Sunuva playsuits

Girls smile and enjoy lollipops in Sunuva

Little girl enjoys the warm weather in Sunuva

At the end of the day girls just wanna have fun! With Sunuva, they are ready for anything that comes their way, and they’re bringing the sunshine wherever they go.

Until then…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West 

Little girl carrying espadrills by Sunuva
Sienna with the Girls Pom Pom Espadrille 

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