Dear Wolfson, Thank you for saving my Baby. (Photos and Video)
My first time holding my daughter. 11 Days Old

Dear Wolfson Children’s Hospital,

One hundred years ago, my baby would have died. She would have been born, I would have held her in my arms, and she would have passed on.

Tears well in my eyes as I say with heartfelt gratitude thank you! Because of Wolfson Children’s Hospital and some talented Drs from Nemours, and Baptist as well, my daughter lives. And perhaps this is why..

A hospital is more than floors and ceilings, more than plaster and tile. A hospital is more than state of the art technology, and research. A hospital is people. People who get up every day, and work late into the night, for many days straight. People who care for strangers, and their children. People who are confronted with fear, and weariness, and heartache, and anger every day and yet keep coming back to work. People who celebrate their patients victories, and grieve their defeats. People who find ways to bring smiles, and laughter to another person whose hope has escaped them.

Sienna on her birthday

Four years ago I received a sonogram, hoping to find out the gender of our baby. During that sonogram the Drs discovered our daughter had gastroschisis, a condition in which she would be born with her intestines exposed through a small hole in her abdomen. The news was devastating. But there was hope. Due to technological advances and a lot of progress, Sienna’s diagnosis was no longer a death sentence.

After eight more months full of concern and anxiety, Sienna was born into the experienced hands of Wolfson staff. During her thirty-three day stay she underwent two surgeries and ultimately received a new belly button the day her surgeon was able to close her up.

Today Sienna is a happy and healthy girl

Sienna spent a month recovering, learning to eat, and digest what she ate. I spent forty hours a week by her side, getting to know the attending Drs and nurses, as I recovered from a c-section and learned to cope without having our baby at home with us. It was a difficult time, one made a little bit less difficult by Wolfson.

Having a facility of this kind in our region saves lives, and changes lives. Words will never express the gratitude I have for the gift we received.

So thank you Wolfson. Because of you, my daughter lives.

Beautiful inside and out

There are many opportunities to give back and support Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Today, I’m encouraging you to get involved this February 1st, 2014 during the “Wolfson Children’s Challenge Ultra Marathon“. If you aren’t a super athlete don’t worry, there will be a fun run too and lots of fun events for the kids including live music!

And just because we know you might need a little more convincing. Here’s an invitation from my little miracle, in her own words. (make sure you catch the outtakes)

I look forward to seeing you there!
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West