Did You Win? The Winners of the 12 Days of Christmas Revealed!
The time has come to announce the winners of our 12 Days of Christmas Event! If you see your name below, you will receive an email this week letting you know how to collect your prize! Thank you for your continued support of Like Love Want Need and the A-list. We look forward to bringing you more great events like this one in the future with the help of terrific business partners like the ones you see below. From all of us at LLWN we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
A special thanks to all of our business partners who made the 12 Days of Christmas so amazing!! 

The Winner is… Tammy Gregg

The Winner is … Blair Jones

The Winners are…
Hank Watson
Kristen Hughs

The Winners are…
Natalie Wearstler
Michelle Hughes

The Winner is … Kirsten Wimby

The Winner is… Adeline Lamb

The Winner is… Jessie Zamara

The Winner is … Lisa Frisby

The Winners are…
Christine Ditzel
Ashley Roberts

The Winner is… Jill Frantz
The Winner is… John Lane

The Winner’s Are…
Sonicare Package- Jose Del Sol and Jenny Lang
Ultradent Package – Georgette Varela
Waterpik Package – Gazelle Q
The Winner is … Jenilee Samuel

The Winner is … Donetta Heligman

The Winner is … Lindsay Cole

The Winner is … Donna Hunter 

The Winner is… Janna McNicholas
The Winner is … Cheryl Kaleda 

The Winner is … Sabrina Dodd

The Winner is… Ali Benson Griffin
The Winner is… Jeanie Collins

The Winner is … Colleen Huff
Congratulations to our winners and may you have a Happy Monday!!
Enjoy the Journey
xo- Amy West