Egypt and Australia via Little Passports

Two months have passed since my last update and in that time Little Passports have taken us to two more fantastic destinations. Munchkin gets so excited every time she sees one of these packages come in. Lately I’ve been even more impressed with the souvenirs and educational toys LP sends. They are so great at getting kids involved in culturally relevant play, that literally entertains for hours.

Since our last visit to France, they have taken us to…


In this package, Sam and Sofia sent munchkin a pyramid she could “excavate” and uncover a special treasure. 

We love seeing which country arrives in the mail every month.

Look at all the fun inside! Passport Stickers, toys, puzzles,
and a letter from Sam and Sofia, and more!

Her Little Passport is filling up!

I love quizzing her on where these countries are located.


The toy this month was related to Aboriginal dreamtime stories. I loved this concept giving kids a chance to trace known symbols or create their own. 

She loved tracing the shapes and learning about the Aboriginal culture.

I wish Little Passports was around when I was a kid, however I still release my inner child and enjoy these packages every month. 
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Little Passports
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West