Explore Sea Ranch Lodge | Embrace the Savage Beauty of California’s Coast

Amy West at Sea Ranch Lodge
This spring our travels took us West where the sun meets the sea in the golden hours of the evening, and where life moves at a more refreshing pace. Californian’s have a passion for food, enjoying the moment, and embracing the outdoors. Our first destination on our California trip was Sea Ranch Lodge. Situated on the Pacific Coast of Sonoma County, our itenerary lead us on a road trip North up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to the coastal outskirts of California’s famed wine country.

California's Pacific Coast
Sea Ranch Lodge is situated on California’s Pacific Coast
Experience Raw Savage Beauty

We arrived in the late hours of the night when darkness covered the Lodge like an inky blanket. Upon our first view of the foggy coastline outside our room it was clear that Sea Ranch Lodge is a destination where troubles melt away… and the raw savage beauty of California’s Pacific Coast captivates the senses.

To visit Sea Ranch Lodge is to be transported to a simpler time. Where life was unplugged, and our connection to the land and sea was more tangible.

Sunset on the Pacific Coast by David West
Pure, savage beauty envelopes the senses at Sea Ranch Lodge

Experience A Trip Back In Time
Sea Ranch Lodge
Visiting Sea Ranch Lodge is like taking a trip back in time. 

Designed in the 60s Sea Ranch Lodge was developed to be a landmark in the city of Sea Ranch where the commitment to live lightly off the earth wove it’s way through every detail. Everywhere you look, earth, meets architecture in a cohesive union that beckons the eye outward and into the natural surroundings. Miles of hiking trails provide ample opportunity to explore the purity and beauty of nature, where the soul finds peace, and the heart may soar. 

The barn at Sea Ranch Lodge
Miles of hiking trails lead you past rustic views. 
The retro appeal of Sea Ranch Lodge has been updated for the modern guest but still manages to stay true to it’s roots. The peaceful essence of the destination flows seamlessly from guest rooms to dining hall, where well crafted regional fare awakens your taste buds to the flavors of California’s coast.

A guest room at Sea Ranch Lodge
The retro appeal of Sea Ranch Lodge’s aesthetic has been updated for the modern guest.

It’s no surprise the location is ideal for weddings. From the striking beauty of the rocky cliffs along the shore to the untouched wilderness you’re surrounded by, this is a place you can imagine committing to forever at. For large parties the entire Lodge can be utilized, and in addition, Sea Ranch Lodge offers Vacation Home Rentals for families or guests wanting a more private accommodation.

Experience A Retreat For The Mind, Body, And Soul

The entire atmosphere at the Lodge enchants and sets you at ease. For further relaxation head to the spa for a therapeutic massage and unwind under the gentle care of experienced massage therapists.

Dinner at Sea Ranch Lodge
Dining at Sea Ranch Lodge reflects the taste of California’s coastal region. 

The Lodge itself serves as a favorite gathering spot for both locals and guests alike. If you are looking for local flavor look no further than the bar where live music can be enjoyed from time to time, and flavorful cocktail combinations are created. Of course a trip to California wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of California’s own vintages and Sea Ranch offers a variety of offerings from the region.

Vacation Rental at Sea Ranch Lodge
Vacation Rentals are available at Sea Ranch for families and those seeking more private quarters. 

At Sea Ranch Lodge time seems to slow down and give you a moment. A moment to reconnect with the ones you love, explore the beauty of nature, or listen to the voice inside that guides you.

Visit Sea Ranch Lodge on your next retreat, and find the moment you’ve been waiting for. 
Until Next Time…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West

Amy West exploring the grounds of Sea Ranch Lodge
Enjoy the Journey!

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