Fall Fashion Trends for Your Locks – Fashion Friday
Misty Burbridge, owner of Rio Hair Studio, has an impressive 25 years in the industry. I’m proud to have her on board as my key hair stylist for Like Love Want Need. Misty is as talented as she is beautiful. I asked Misty to give us a few insights for making the transition into fall, and what her secrets are to achieving the perfect look. 

Misty Burbridge & Amy West

1. Trending for Fall
Bombshell Brunettes are the thing to look for this Season–Sexy-Full-Rich Locks will turn heads as the leaves are turning. Not to say that Blondes aren’t always popular– Cool Pastel Tones will take you into cooler weather.

Brunettes are hot for the fall

2.  Choosing a hair color/tone to fit skin tones is what sets apart professional seasoned stylists from the the rest.
Starting with red heads–Cooler tones would be Magenta, Burgundy, EggPlant, or Violet for darker levels; and for Blondes Smoky, Violet, Lavender, and Platinum.  Good Tip–Shop your closet for colors that are your favorite.  If you have an abundance of cool colored clothes this is probably a good choice for your hair tone.  Also, take note of a color that you wear that you ALWAYS get compliments on.

What’s your color story?

3. What Facial shape do you have?
Facial shapes can be the most challenging component in a haircut choice.  There are 7 facial shapes, (Diamond,Round, Square,Heart,Pear,Rectangle, and Oval)  with many variations of facial features to consider.
Find your Shape—Pull your hair back and gather an old lipstick tube.  While facing a mirror outline your hairline and jawline on the mirror.  Step away and reveal your individual shape.

If you need some help updating your look give Rio Hair Studio a call and tell them Amy sent you! 

Enjoy the Journey!

Xo-Amy West