Fall Wedding in Tennessee | Photo Recap

This fall we had the great joy of attending one of the most perfect weddings I’ve ever been to. My brother in law married the most lovely girl, and their wedding was like a scene from a movie. They chose to hold the wedding on a farm that my brother in law had worked on and that is owned by dear friends of the family. The wedding was intimate and full of meaningful details. With only two months to execute the planning of this wedding I was so impressed with how special it was. Read more to enjoy the details…

Wedding Gone Retro

This wedding was the best kind of hipster there is. It felt authentic, and full of character, love, and warmth. Everyone was clothed in warm earth tones that suited the outdoor setting and felt at home on the farm. Lace, cotton, and leather were the fabrics of choice and you bet there were plenty of boots.   

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the square dancing. I had always pictured square dancing as kind of hillbilly, but this was really fun, and very social. How many times in life do you get the chance to attend a fall wedding in TN and square dance? Count me in! 

We are so happy Josh found the perfect girl! Don’t you just love these images shot by Abby Weeden? I think she perfectly captured their style and personality. 

Love Grows. This image is so perfect.

This iconic picture looks like it was shot 60 years ago, which is pretty much spot on for Josh’s personality. 
We had the chance to take a few images ourselves while there. I’m more than a little proud of my little flower girl who did a most excellent job.  

The weather was cool and crisp and the bold colors of fall were starting to bloom.

I was loving this bohemian outfit I put together at the last min thanks to Dillard’s (dress on clearance score!), Marshalls (sweater coat), and World Market (floppy hat). 

The hubby looked dapper performing his groomsman duties and was a great MC for the reception. 

What great memories we made on a gorgeous day celebrating love and family! Congrats Josh and Sarah!  

Until next time…

Enjoy the Journey!

xo- Amy West


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