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Now that I’m nearly eight months pregnant folks, I get a lot of the typical pregnant lady questions. “How far along are you?” “When are you due?” “Having a Boy or Girl?” And let’s not leave out, “Any special cravings?” With my first daughter I craved spicy and tart foods like salsa and key lime pie. Pretty fitting since munchkin is quite the fiery spirit. With this baby girl, I’ve been craving more creamy and sweet foods like mashed potatoes, tarimisu, and after this shoot… the delicious Dulce de Leche Milkshake from Corner Taco in 5 Points. But what about fashion cravings? Read on to find out more about what I look for when I shop for maternity wear including these must have pieces from Anthropologie


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Fashion Cravings
Amy West fashion and travel blogger and host

1. Quality
When it comes to maternity wear, don’t skimp on quality just because it’s for short term wear. You don’t want to purchase pieces just to have them fall apart. Pay attention to how the designs are made and washing instructions. Function is as important as aesthetics and you’ll find both with quality pieces. Just one of the reasons I love Anthropologie. 
Amy West fashion and travel blogger and host

2. Long Term Wearability
Is it possible to purchase items that will transition from maternity back into day to day post pregnancy? Sure. Look for fabrics featuring less structure and that collapse against the body. These pieces can be belted or worn loose with layers for long term use. This tunic for instance is not a maternity design but works both during and after pregnancy. 
Amy West fashion and travel blogger and host

3. Flattering Lines
Look for prints that flatter your figure and draw the eye towards your feature attraction (that baby bump). Also designs cut on the bias will hug your figure in a more attractive way. 

Amy West fashion and travel blogger and host
4. Pieces That Pop & Classic Fail Me Nots 
I like to blend my wardrobe with versatile pieces compiled classic items such as black dress pants, timeless white shirts, and seasonal layers like leggings and denim with pieces that pop like a bold statement necklace or colorful maxi

Amy West fashion and travel blogger and host

5. Cute Factor 
Look there is plenty to keep you feeling awkward, large, and unattractive during pregnancy. Don’t settle for anything less than feeling bold and beautiful in the items you choose to purchase, that really goes for anytime, not just when expecting. 

6. Deals and Steals
Just because you need a few new items, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to stock up. Whether pregnant or not pay attention to store sale cycles. Holidays, are a great time to stock up as they usually feature great sales and further reduction on clearance items. Shop smart and look for deals and steals. A little creativity can go a long way.

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Enjoy the Journey!
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