Fast Foods for Eating Clean

Perhaps you read my results from my last 30 day challenge… If so now you may be wondering…

“So what did you eat Amy?”
In answer to your hypothetical question here are….

A few of my favorite “fast” clean foods

1. Boiled Eggs
Though I know this may seem boring, it has been to me, the ultimate fast food. I pre make a dozen of these protein packed bad boys and pull them out whenever I’m hungry and in a hurry. You may be surprised at the dozens of ways you can prepare boiled eggs. I’ve enjoyed them with sea salt, red pepper, and a bit of feta cheese. The biggest surprise however, has been how much my 4 year old loves stealing them from me (and she is pretty finicky these days).

The incredible edible egg!

2. Banana Peanut Butter Almond Faux Cookie
I’m addicted. Anything that has the word “faux” in it has to be cool right? I make this at least once a day. Cut half a banana, top with natural pb, top with an almond and sprinkle on some cinnamon. The result is sweet, crunchy, filling, and satiates my sweet tooth

My fav clean “dessert”

3. Stuffed Peppers
I love to make these from scratch since they are pretty easy. When I’m crunched for time though, I turn to preservative free Stauffer’s family size (4 peppers). Full of protein and flavor the bonus is that Publix often runs these on sale BOGO.

Make them yourself… 
Or try my little secret

4. Nuts
I try to keep them as raw as possible. Untoasted, unsalted. I like almonds, walnuts, pecans, and a few peanuts. I keep a kids size snack container in my purse and when I’m on the go and too busy to plan or sit down for a meal, I have them as a back up.

The ultimate snack food

5. Avacado
A great source of healthy fat, avocados are also incredibly versatile. On days where energy was lacking, half an avocado with tamotoes, and cottage cheese picked me back up. I also love putting avocado on top of turkey burgers. Which leads me to…

Nutrient rich and great with anything!

6. Turkey anything… 
Burgers, meatloaf, sausage…  or J. William’s Turkey Meatballs….

Turkey burger with tomato feta and live salad with a side of avocado. 

7. Anything from J. William Culinary
You may have read my review on J. William Culinary. If so you know how impressed I am with the quality and convenience he offers. Chef created high protein meals for people on the go who crave flavorful food. For my busy schedule, anything from Jay is a win. Jay even gave us one of his recipes here. How cool is he?

Chef James Phelan

8. Chicken lettuce wraps
Sick of boring chicken breasts or chicken salad? Yep, that is me, so I like to mix it up occasionally with these asian inspired grilled chicken lettuce wraps.

So many ways to do these!

9. Protein Shake
Advocare has some of the highest quality protein shakes out there. I’m super finicky about mixing liquids and powder since they tend to clump up if you don’t use a blender. The Advocare muscle gain mixes super fast and is not clumpy. No, I don’t sell it, but my trainer does….

Favorite Protein Shake

10. Spark aka Power Juice
Tastes like koolaid and gives you the focus, stamina, and energy of a gladiator. Enough said, this is a must drink for me every work out.

Best Energy Drink

Honorable Mention- Quinoa
This protein packed “goosefoot” (very grain like in consistency) is a great replacement for rice. Extremely versatile, you can eat it hot or cold, as a side, or a main dish. Check out my “Eating Clean” board on pinterest for some great ideas on making quinoa and all the above mentioned favorites!

Quina the magic food.

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Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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