Happy WineAversary to Us with Trinchero Napa Valley
This November my husband and I celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary. Time flies when you’re having fun and building a life together. My husband David and I were practically kids when we married. He was 23 and I had just turned 21. Like any relationship our journey has had twists and turns we never expected. We’ve traveled literally around the world together. From New Zealand to Europe, Mexico to the Caribbean. We’ve brought two lives into the world, we launched businesses, and we experienced heartbreaking failures. We didn’t always win, but we never really lost because we had each other. This year we partnered with Trinchero Napa Valley and celebrated more than a decade of having each other’s back, forgiving each others flaws, and enjoying more than a few glasses of wine together. Cheers to being rich in love! 

3 Bottles of Trincero Napa Valley Wine
The Trinchero name may be new to you, but their legacy is one that reaches back to the very foundations of Napa Valley’s beginning. The family celebrates three generations of wine making and are the founders of the famous Sutter Home, the second largest wine and spirit company in the country. After 70 years in business the Trinchero family is finally putting their name on a wine they feel truly embodies their story. Their commitment to quality, community, and family is the essence of their new label. 

Amy and David enjoy a sunset picnic with Trinchero Wine

Amy West kicks up her heels during a warm fall sunset
The Trinchero Napa Valley wines are perfect for celebrating our own family’s journey. How fitting to pair their family tribute with our memorable day. 
3 Bottles of Trinchero Wine
Amy and David West holding hands at sunset

It’s a Destination 

In April we’ll head to wine country with our family. On our bucket list for the trip will be one of the best hidden gems in the Valley. Trinchero recently reopened their redesigned namesake tasting room. It has been updated to pay homage to the family’s success and future in the wine making business. What a great way to experience in person a piece of Napa Valley’s defining history, while celebrating it’s modern day innovation.  

David West holds a bottle of Trinchero Napa Valley wine and a wine glass

Trees in the late Florida fall

Trinchero Napa Valley Forte

David West pouring a glass of Trinchero Napa Valley wine

Red wine in a glass

couple toasts to life

Amy and David West share a toast

Life is about relationships. Relationships with friends, family, and meaningful folks you meet along the way. Choose to cultivate those relationships, and you will always be rich. Here’s a toast to our first dozen years together and many many more adventures to come! Adventures we hope to share with you as we experience life together. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
Celebrate life with Trinchero Napa Valley by purchasing online or at select 
Total Wine & More locations. 

Behind the scenes this little one looked on with those big blue eyes.

Baby in a stroller

Behind the camera. Sienna jumped in and helped take the images of David and I together. We are more than a little proud of her talented eye.

Little girl sitting on a fence

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