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Cultures Collide at this Small Plates “Street Vendor”
inspired eatery

 I cover many destinations both local and national, and always love it when friends and family give me their feedback or recommend a great place. When my good friend suggested I do a series on great lunch destinations as a follow up to my “Date Night Destinations“, and “Best in Brunch” series, I was inspired and decided to explore the idea. A few teasers on social media revealed that this is indeed a hot topic amongst foodies, and as such, was all the motivation I needed to move forward. Among several suggestions, Hawkers Asian Street Fare came up. I love exploring the hot bed of excellent culinary spots our riverside surrounds. So I was thrilled to sit down with the new 5 Points resident, and find out exactly why everyone is raving. 

The 5 Pointes location in Jacksonville, Fl is Hawkers second brick and mortar. 
Hitting the Target

China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan
are all represented at Hawkers
where 60% of the menu items are family recipes

As I sat down to discuss the concept with partner Kaleb Harrell, I felt an immediate connection to the concept and what makes it so relevant in our city. Kaleb explained the inception of this idea as a creative collaboration between him and the other partners. Each of his partners hails from a different pan asian region and together they sought a cohesive idea to bring their origins together. The question posed was, “Who serves the best food in each region?”, and the answer was swift and unanimous, Street Vendors. In their cultures the best meal with friends might be going out to browse the streets, and each person in the group bringing back a dish from a different vendor to share family style together. The popularity of sharing small plates (or Yum Cha in Cantonese) has become a growing trend in the metropolises of America over the last few years, which has me thinking that Hawkers concept couldn’t be more timely. Together they have curated a continent spanning menu featuring dishes from across the asian expanse. China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia all have a presence at one table as ancient family recipes come together for a tasty celebration. 

On the menu:
Crispy Canton Noodles
Cantonese style stir-fry with char siu, broccoli, napa, yow choy,
and carrots served over a bed of pan-fried egg noodles
Uncompromising Flavor

On the menu:
Roti Canai
Malaysian flat bread served with a side of our 
signature spicy curry dipping sauce

Hawkers creates a fusion of spices and a feast for the eyes as well. Awakening your senses with an explosion of flavors like curry, ginger, chili, sesame, coconut, and basil. My personal favorite and one of their best sellers is the Malaysian flatbread “Roti Canai” served with their signature curry dipping sauce, a recipe passed down from family to family for generations. Real wood charcoal produces a smokey flavor that infuses into the ingredients prepared by wok chefs working over six hundred degree flames. There’s no denying the authentic flavors coming out of the kitchen where the priority is honoring generations of tradition. Hawkers reaches the foodie of every age. Whether you are 6 or 60, if you appreciate great flavors, love to be a part of community, and are in tune with your adventurous taste buds, you may just find your own personal culinary heaven
On the menu:
Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce
Seasoned fillet of cod battered and pan-fried then stir-fried 
with our signature sweet and savory black bean sauce
Perfectly Executed

Hawkers has an urban industrial feel, but doesn’t lack warmth.

The atmosphere has an urban appeal with details like wire cage industrial light fixtures, stainless steel accents, and an open ceiling. Textures such as burlap, news print, and cool metals join a pop of orange that off sets the hard edges of the interior  and compliments creations of the kitchen like Thai tea, pan seared dumplings, crunchy noodles, and curry sauce. Wait staff greet you with friendly smiles and savvy suggestions, while the menu incorporates not just tasty dishes, but a large selection of craft beer, cider, wine, and sake. Hawkers price point honors the small plate methodology welcoming friends, family, and co-workers alike to try one of everything. I found the Hawkers Asian Street Fare brand to be rich in  character, completely cohesive, and perfectly executed. Great location, great concept, and food delivered with flavor and finesse. What more could you ask for?

On the menu:
Thai Tea
I expect to see Hawkers expand to even more locations across the states as word of their irresistible fare spreads. Whether you are a “Lady who Lunches” or looking for the perfect girls night out, or date spot, put Hawkers Asian Street Fare on your list.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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