How to Rock… Over the Knee Boots – Fashionable Friday
Happy Friday friends! I’m so excited about today’s fashionable contributor! I have known Ashley and her family since I was a kid. Though we have traveled different roads, our paths have crossed on and off through out the years. Ashley is a drop dead gorgeous wife and  mom of two who shares her fabulous taste in fashion with her fans on her blog Diamonds and Burlap. I’m happy to give you a peak at her chic style, as she shares with us some creative tips for wearing over the knee boots! Enjoy!

Hey y’all! Thanks for reading along. Today’s post is all about welcoming Fall. And what better way than to bring out the ‘over the knee’ boots! I’ve had this specific pair for about three years (like everything else in my closet, it seems). They’re actually pretty comfortable and a great neutral – *2 of my tips in picking boots out* You can find them almost anywhere. I got these at ROSS for $20!!! They’ve lasted this long, but I bet my next pair will be some yummy Vince Camuto’s

I’m not much of a writer, so let’s get the pics rollin’. I’ve got 3 looks to show you how to style and ‘over the knee’ boots with just about anything. Enjoy!

Look #1 

Any figure can pull this ‘comfy chic’ look off. Most everyone has a basic pair of black leggings. Add a slouchy, Delman style top and you’re good to go.How dressy or casual you want to go depends on the jewels. Add a lot of gold or silver and you’ve got GLAM. Add just a couple tasteful pieces and it’s a simple, more casual approach.

Look #2

Pair with a basic sweater dress and a sharp trench and you’ve got a city-style, “I aint got no time fo dat” attitude   P.S.> THE best basic dresses can be found at Victoria’s Secret  The great thing about most ‘over the knee boots’ is that you can always fold them down for a more subdued look.
Look #3 

 Got a summer dress that you wore over your swimsuit to the beach, ate and spilled ice cream on it, and your daughter’s diaper leaked on it ? Take it into Fall. The keys to bringing a NEUTRAL COLORED summer dress into Fall is pairing with, obviously, knee high boots and a great, ‘fallish’ jacket, be it a long black coat, a knee length trench, or a cropped 3/4 length leopard jacket like this one. The length of the coat does not matter. It’s really the pairing of colors and patterns that make it work. 

I hope you got some tips and inspiration on bringing out (or buying) some knee high boots for Fall! Thanks for reading. Have a splendid weekend!! 

*Photography by: KPKoenig Photography 


Thank you Ashley! We can’t wait to see what secrets you unlock next time!

Enjoy the Journey
xo-Amy West