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Lately a hot topic has arisen in the world of travel. It’s known as Skiplagging or “Hidden City” ticketing. This week I’m discussing the money saving practice with the ladies of The Chat and discussing all the pros and cons. Do you Skiplag? Make sure to tell me your thoughts. Don’t know what Skiplagging is? Read below to find out more.

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1. What is Skiplagging?
The Practice of Skiplagging is a money saving trick of looking for airline tickets that travel to your destination but as a connecting flight rather than a final destinations. For instance say you want to go to Dallas. You may find a cheaper flight that goes from your city to LA but connects through Dallas. In that scenario you would depart in Dallas instead of traveling the last leg of the journey to LA. 
The website getting all the recent press is by Aktarer Zaman. This site supposedly helps you identify flights that are ideal for Skiplagging helping you save money.
2. What’s the big deal?
United Airlines and Orbitz have come together in a joint law suit against Zaman and claiming it is unethical and causing them loss of income. 
3. Why Skiplag?
The practice of Skiplagging or purchasing “hidden city tickets” has been around for a long time. Most folks who do it have learned to be sly about it. The obvious reason to do it is to save money, potentially hundreds of dollars. 
4. Cons?
There are several hold backs to participating in Skiplagging. 
a. For many airlines, the practice is strictly prohibited. To depart before your final destination could cause the airline to flag you and you could lose your frequent flyer miles and your entire ticket which is pretty inconvenient if you have a round trip ticket.
b. With Skiplagging you are required to carry on your bag since you don’t want it to go on without you. If for some reason the cabin is full and the crew require you to check your bag due to high traffic, you may be leaving without your baggage and no way to get it.
c. Because of the increase of participation in this practice airlines have threatened to increase prices, meaning in the end it may have caused more harm than help.

5. Dangerous precedent? Ethical?
Airlines are pretty clear on their vehement dislike of skiplagging. They claim it is unethical and in essence defrauding their system. To the average Joe, it may just seem like you are buying a whole ticket and just choosing not to take advantage. I mean, you bought the seat you can do with it as you will right? Not necessarily. Flights are routinely delayed while they wait for passengers from connecting flights, this causes a lot of travelers grief as well as fees for the airliner. In addition, when you purchase your ticket you are signing off to the terms of use and in most providers that includes agreeing that you won’t depart until your final destination. When it comes down to honor, is it worth a few dollars? Sound off in the comments below and give me your thoughts. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
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