Jacksonville Fair Recap – Weekend Bonus
Last week we decided to visit the Jacksonville Fair for the first time with the munchkin. She was simply ecstatic about it. She clearly wore her self out with glee before we got there as seen below:)
Dancing to girly tunes…. hey wait a second…. 

Lucky for us she got a nap. Awaking refreshed she was amped up for a night of fun rides!

David and munchkin about to take the fair by storm.
Cutest thing ever. 

Being the farm girl I am, we had to start with the animals. Chickens, ducks, bunnies, peacocks, pigs, cows, and horses oh my! We found a display of chicks hatching from their eggs. I’m pretty sure I could have stared at them for two hours, the miracle of birth is so amazing. I was simply entranced. However, the fam was anxious to get some action in on the rides so away we went!

Checking out the animals.
This thing is creepy…

We started out with this creepy caterpillar. I must be getting older, because this thing freaked me out.

Munchkin experienced her first roller coaster with mom. 

She however was ready for the next ride and having the time of her life.

The big Ferris Wheel!
Amazing night view!

I’m so glad we went in the evening so we could enjoy all the lights.

The one family ride we did.

Little one is obsessed with swings so this was a “must do”.

The little candy land swing.
Fun with Daddy

Getting lost in the fun maze

Ending the night with the big slide and a few fun mazes we completed the trip with a game and a big prize! Munchkin has some great aim on the water guns!

Is it just me or have the prizes gotten bigger?

After a few hours and about 10 rides energy was waning for us all. We got our obligatory fair food (popcorn) and left on a high note.

Thanks for a perfect night! We’ll be back:)

You don’t get a lot of “perfect” trips, but this was certainly the most perfect trip to the fair I could have imagined. The Jacksonville Fair has gotten a lot better in the last few years. We did a week night that they offered the half off wrist band for unlimited rides making it more affordable. We arrived at 5 when they opened, and there were few lines and plenty of rides for little ones and adults.

It’s so great experiencing classic memories with our little one, and returning down memory lane as we recalled our own child hood experiences. The fair ends today the 17th, so if you were planning on going today is the day!

Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West 

P.S. I get a lot of compliments on the hat. My sister in law made it:)