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As you know my kiddos take to their stylish ways naturally. I’m constantly getting compliments on their latest fashion and I always respond that I’m sure my kids are way more stylish than I am. In fact, I usually run my looks by Sienna just to make sure I’m still in the cool zone (which I’m prob not since I actually used the phrase “cool zone” in a sentence). It’s no surprise that Sienna in particular was super excited to work with Little Edge Threads on our latest collaboration. She thoughtfully browsed through the looks on their website and choose some outstanding designs from this trendy online children’s boutique. Read on to see what she choose. 

Although our garments for this collaboration were received at no cost, the words and opinions in this blog endorsement are my own. Thanks for supporting the awesome brands that make Amy West Travel possible. 

Little girl in floral tunic
Affordable Boutique Fashion

Sienna’s first choice was this Fallin for Floral Tunic which rings in at a reasonable $26! Folks that’s less than some pieces I find at Target. I love that these unique boutique designs are priced so affordably! We have been stopped multiple times by moms and kids desperate to find out where we got this one. It’s a scene stealer for sure. Now if only they had one in my size!

Sienna striking a pose in this floral tunic

Little girl dancing

Now Trending | The Modern Child

Historically speaking, children have always been dressed like their parents. Somewhere in the last century, something happened and children’s wear got weird. Personally, I’m not a fan of cartoon characters on t-shirts, but usually I let me kids lead the way with their own personal style. Fortunately, they seem to lean towards looks similar to moms and I couldn’t be more pleased. When I saw Little Edge Threads edgy designs I was smitten! Here is London in a super chic gingham Frill + Flannel Tunic which works well in transitional seasons. 

Little girl in gingham tunic

London in gingham flannel by Little Edge Threads

Little girl looking cool at snack time

Little girl playing in a park

Make a Statement
My kids have plenty to say when it comes to expressing themselves stylishly. Sienna loves to wear girly dresses with a unique twist, and don’t worry, she isn’t afraid to play hard in them. When she saw this Rock til You Drop dress she had to have it! Again, so many compliments on this one, and you can tell she feels great in it. 

Little girl smiling in trendy dress

Little girl modeling dress

Little girl dancing

Little girl in flowy dress

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Fallin’ for Floral Tunic – Sienna’s Shoes Frill + Flannel TunicRock til You Drop Dress

Think boutique kids fashion is expensive? Think again. I’m so glad I came across Little Edge Threads. Unique designs for kids with stand out style. 
What are your favorite Little Edge Threads looks? Send me a pic of your stylish kid in one of their looks in the comments below.
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West

Little girl looking at a sunflower

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