Little Passports – Thursday Bonus Review

For as long as I can remember, adventure and discovery have been ingrained in my DNA. It goes without saying that one of the biggest things I wish to pass on to my own mini me is a mutual passion for all things travel related. I wrote a guest post for Jacksonville Mom’s Blog a few months ago about expanding my daughter’s world view. One of my favorite ways I get to do this is through Little Passports.

Little Passports Encourages your Childs Sense of Adventure

Little Passports is a subscription based service that sends your child monthly or bi-monthly packages from fictional characters Sam and Sofia. Sam and Sofia travel the country and world learning about the customs, geography, and people of each destination. We are going on month three of our subscription and my munchkin is over the top each time she gets a new package.

She can’t wait to see where Sam and Sofia have been!

Little Passports does a terrific job of weaving a relatable story through their packages. My daughter and I love to find out where Same and Sofia have arrived each month.

Cute retro hand held suitcase to hold her correspondence.

The first parcel my 3 year old received was a special suitcase to keep all her letters and souvenirs. Inside was LP’s signature “little passport” to put country stickers in each month.

I love how official her “Little Passport” looks!

She also received a letter from Sam and Sofia getting her excited for what is to come, a world map, and a picture of them (Sam and Sofia) to keep. In our case, the world map went straight onto her bedroom wall.

Perfect spot! 

The next month she began receiving destination themed envelopes, with a letter from Sam telling her where they had been and what was special about the place. Sam talks about friends he and Sofia made and new secrets they discovered. They also include a country sticker for her passport, a pin for her map to mark the country, a souvenir that is culturally relevant, and a picture from their travels. To top it all off there is a fun work sheet with puzzles and hints for the next destination.

A picture of a native primate from Brazil. 
An Amethyst from Brazil. The souvenir that month. 

Each package also includes a boarding pass tag which can be attached to her suitcase. On the tag are special codes you can take to the website for fun interactive games.

Letters, stickers, pictures, and games! Oh my!

I’m not sure who loves Little Passports more, me or my daughter. What I do know is that if you are looking for a creative way of helping your child become aware of how big our world is, and what great things there are to discover, then Little Passports is for you. 
A perfect gift idea!

In fact Little Passports is the perfect way to keep your kids learning and having fun at home, on the road, over the weekend or even on a plane! From October 28th – 31st, Little Passports has a sale that will save you $20 on a new 1 year subscription when you use the code OCT20 at checkout. And for about $10 a month, that is definitely worth it! The packages take your children on new adventures around the US or the world, depending on what option you choose… but take a look at the subscriptions yourself and decide what you want here: Early Bird Sale at Little Passports from Oct 28th-31st! 

May your little traveler Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West