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My awkward youth
Late Bloomer

I admit it. I was not exactly what you would call an athletic kid. I was more the book worm, people pleasing, awkward, over weight kid who fantasized about being in the spotlight one day. It wasn’t until a personal health issue and subsequent growth spurt and weight loss that I began to come into my own and value physical fitness and healthy eating. Ultimately beginning a journey that helped me gain confidence and eventually work in the career of my childhood dreams.

There are so many ways to live an active lifestyle. To me healthy equals happy and strong (not just skinny) is sexy. This First Coast Fitness Trends series is dedicated to some of the most popular and fun ways to stay strong and healthy beginning with my:

 Top 3 Reasons to Get Momentum Fit

After having my daughter I was, as most moms are, eager to get back in shape. My good friend Marie Merritt of Momentum Fitness and Health Studios invited me to come and do just that with her personal training and guidance. Under her instruction my body is in better shape than ever, but there is more to Momentum than meets the eye.

Real Results

I’m going to tackle what’s important first. Results. I mean why pay for such a personal service if you aren’t going to hone in and get things done? The great thing about personal training is the expertise and one on one attention. I think we all know how to walk into a gym and get on one of their machines. What we don’t always know is how to space out what muscle groups we are working on, what is the fastest way to burn fat, and if our form is always correct. Going to a personal trainer is an investment, but so is your health, and your time for that matter. You can spend hours slaving away on a cardio machine hoping for results, or you can go to a professional who knows what they are talking about. Are the results fast? Well you can be sure the trainers at Momentum are giving their all, if your effort matches theirs in return then your results will begin immediately. I wrote about one of my 30 day challenges in the fall and the before and afters tell it all. 
Jack knives, a personal favorite.
Real Accountability
Be Inspired

We all need a little tough love, but I’m not the kind of person that responds to the “boot camp” style of yelling and shaming. One of the things I love about Marie and the Momentum family of trainers is that you get real attention, and accountability, minus all the bad energy. There is an air of positivity that settles on you as you enter the building. Everyone working toward the common goal of health and strength. Strength of body, soul, and spirit. It’s refreshing to find a place that isn’t all corporate policies, but instead full of heart and empathy. You don’t feel singled out for your lack of strength or ability, rather they shoulder the burden with you as you strive toward your personal achievements. Not to say they let you slack… oh no, when you walk in the door, prepare to work! 


Real Relationships

Forget the local bar, this gym is my Cheers. I love the camaraderie of jumping in with a group training class and exchanging witty banter or business ideas. After walking through these doors two to three times a week for almost three years, you could say it feels like home to me. I’m proud to say I’ve gained some great friends, friends that have imparted wisdom and inspiration I’ll carry with me through my life. Friends I’ve encouraged and who have helped me when I’ve been close to quitting things that were important to me.

Step Ups with 20 lb weights

Clearly I love my training with Momentum! Keep following this series for more great ways to stay fit and active. 
Until then…
Enjoy the Journey!
xo- Amy West
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