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Amy West shares her secrets for getting her pre baby body back. It’s no secret. One of the number one goals of every new mom is getting her pre baby body back. It took the better part of an additional 9 months after my first born to return to my normal size. This time however, I’ve been pleased to notice I’m bouncing back much quicker. What’s the source of this expedited return to the norm? I truly believe that since I was in better shape before the pregnancy, I was able to get back my shape faster, but also I have a little secret. For generations the secret of compression has been passed down from woman to woman. It’s no surprise that the modern day marketplace has harnessed the concept and perfected it. Belly Bandit’s products are the finest example of compression wear at work. Here are a few of my favorite pieces I’ve been wearing over the last month. 

Belly Bandit products. The Mother Tucker Nursing Tank and Black Couture Lace Belly Bandit
Nude Mother Tucker Tank, Black Mother Tucker Tank, and the Couture Black Lace Print Belly Bandit

I love the Belly Bandit products because they are designed with fashion, and comfort in mind. The Mother Tucker Tanks are the perfect layering pieces and are made with an extra wide band to avoid rolling.

Couture Black Lace Belly Bandit
The Couture Black Lace Belly Bandit is as fashionable as it is functional. Lovely enough to wear under or over your garments. 

Amy West wearing Belly Bandit products
The B.D.A Pants are engineered for wear during pregnancy and after. These have been my go to pants. They are luxuriously soft, flattering, and have a beautiful drape that accommodates the ever changing body of a woman with child. 

Amy West wearing Black Mother Tucker Tank, and Couture Black Lace Belly Bandit
B.D.A Pants, Couture Black Lace Belly Bandit, Black Mother Tucker Nursing Tank
Belly Bandit Details
These are my favorite pieces and have made a big difference in my goals towards achieving my pre baby size. What are your favorite Belly Bandit pieces? Make sure to check out the Ultimate Push Present package and the Diva Delivery Bundle as great gift ideas for the expecting lady in your life. 
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